Our Wednesbury Heroes


12 thoughts on “Our Wednesbury Heroes

    • I’m sorry for the late reply Jane and also sorry if this is wrong. (It does sound like an awful name to call someone doen’t it?)
      I believe i read this in one of the old bugles? But they do seem to go away with themselves sometimes.
      Do you know anything about George at all and as you don’t think this i true, would you know ‘why’ the Bugle woulld pick up that story.

      I would really like to correct this, if you could give me any information at all I would really appreciate that.


      • Yes, George was my great grandfather from my fathers side. The picture you have above is a photo that I took myself of the original photograph which slowly disintegrated.
        I have spoken with my father James and My Aunt Kath who remember their Grandfather well. He lost part of his arm (Just below the elbow) in the 1st world war but confirmed he was never known as the “One arm bell ringer”
        It is actually my Great uncle Josiah Hughes (Georges brother) who is named on the Wednesbury war memorial. My father has Josiahs memorial bronze.
        I can find out some more information if you like.

      • I would love more information if you wouldn’t mind? I feel terrible for saying something ‘just because’ someone else wrote it. I should know better by now and I’m really sorry for that stupid name.


  1. Just one more thing, I was curious as to where I actually read that and decided to have a Google and I have found another reference to him.
    I hope this will work because I can’t seem to send a proper link as it is a document file, but look on page 7

    One area in which the Society did progress was in twelve bell ringing, With the …. been mentioned, and others followed: George Hughes, the one-armed ringer …

  2. Hello, Sorry for the late reply.
    I read the article today buts its not my great Grandfather. The George Hughes in the article passed away in the 1930’s. My great Grandfather did not pass away till the mid 1960’s.
    Maybe a chance of him being a relative though. 🙂

  3. Well,i’m really intrigued now!
    I wonder if the article about ‘Your’ great Grandfather, (that I read originally) had mixed up this other George also, and why they called your great Grandfather “The one armed bell ringer”?
    I must find out if they were related though …. now ‘THAT’ would be interesting!

    What if my error in calling your great grandfather that name, found you another relative? 😀

  4. I was wondering if anyone could help me with an enquiry. I am a member of the Sedgley Local History Society and I have been researching servicemen from the former Urban District of Coseley who died in the First World War. I am interested in finding out if any servicemen who died came from the Willingsworth area – very close to Wednesbury but part of Sedgley Parish and later Coseley Urban District. Does anyone have any details about servicemen from this area, if there were any from WIllingsworth who were killed. I would also be interested whether any men from Willingsworth died in the Second World War. Thanks.

    • I wished I could help, I really do but although it is ‘as you say’ near to Wednesbury, I have not a clue.
      Lets hope that someone reads this an can help you … Or … have you thought about asking Wednesbury memorial society?
      They may have a clue and are always willing to help.
      Besides that, I’m sorry I can’t help.

      • I have asked the Wednesbury Historical Society but not the Memorial Society yet – I am sure the Historical Society’s secretary said that she was going to pass my number to the Memorial Society, or one of its members, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

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