Teddy Greys

I was in the middle of copying every single picture I have on my computer concenring THOW and putting them on disc, (12GB so far by the way)
When I came to a picture of Teddy Greys.
…….. I had to stop what I was doing, grab a pen and scribble away as fast as I could, as these mad words came into my head.
God only knows where they come from … I swear! … I aye right!

Last time.

I’m gooin up to Teddy Greys, I’m bostin for me suck,
I aye bin theya, for what seems like a year & I’m hoping for better luck
(“Cus yow aye gooin to belive this”)

Last time all excited, I parked up by the clock, and skipped me ways to Teddy Greys
To find out, they were out of stock!

Well, I aye the one to bite me lip and say “Oh it dow matter”
If I’m not wrong, she should feel my tongue,
So i prepared myself to ‘Goo at err’!

I filled me lungs, me face turned red, yow could see err were getting scared
But what came next shocked err, she was totally unprepared.

I crumbled to the floor I did, and let out a mighty scream,
I cried like a babby and dropped swear words in between.

“You cor do this, om gooin hum and i shor be back for wiks,
I aye from here no more! I cried. “I live up in the sticks”.

“They dow have Teddy greys up theya, its hell I tell ya: “HELL”!
Please dow say “No chocolate fudge” cus I aye feeling well!

I sin err pick the phone up, but by this time me head was gone,
if erred gone to call her hubby .. then: I wor frightened of no Mon.

But it woz wuss than that, erred gone an called the cops, (Who recognised me face)
So I was off to be locked up, Well … I recognised ‘THAT’ place!

But today is another day, she surely has some fudge?
And if she aye, I’m telling you … this time I just wow budge!

A reply? …. cheeky!


My boys 2

I know my limitations and I know what I can do,
Not prone to responsibility if I can put the blame on you.

Never was good at mother-hood, should have been better ..lord knows
but life’s like that, we can’t go back, it just the way it goes

I know my limitations, they aint never going to change
I could have done it differently but wouldn’t that be strange?

I never asked to be this way, I’m only what I am
You take me or you leave me, I couldn’t give a dam!

There are things I could improve on, okay.. there’s quite a few
But two things that that come naturally good, is my love for Ricky & Blue!

Old newspaper adverts FROM 1989

I have really enjoyed going through all these old Newspaper clippings, Kindly given to me at our ‘THOW Party in the park No2″. reading, typing and scanning them all. (With help off a lovely lady who will remain in the shadows) 🙂

Then i started looking on the back of the clippings and spotted some great old advertisements.
Some sadly are cut through (After all, I don’t expect they wanted the adverts!) but the ones that are in one piece are being scanned as we speak.

This one made me smile – From a 1989 newspaper telling us that: “Before we buy a Microwave, we should learn to cook on one”.
“I wonder if that was a typo or did they believe you cooked ‘on one‘ instead of ‘in one’?

microwave advert



Camp Hill had a lotta bottle

milkman2The picture shows an old milk float drawn by a horse standing on the Holyhead Road at the junction of Russell Street and Camp Hill Lane taken in 1953.

Most of the buildings, pictured were replaced by a tower block.  Camp Hill Lane itself (in 1988 at least), then lead to the Union Centre. Which is now also gone.

This picture was Mr. L. A. Davies all those years ago. In a newspaper published 1988 he said:

“The picture was part of a ‘project’ by the Wednesbury Photographic Society.  The Society was taking photographs in the same places as Doctor Dingley had in 1885 through to 1910”. 

(The Doctors most famous photograph was of ‘Pit Shaft Wenches’)

Mr. Davies’ pictures were originally on glass plates and slides, all of which are now obsolete.  He could not afford to have them all transferred and hadn’t got room to keep them so he kindly donated them to Wednesbury Library. He said that the building behind the milk float was originally used as Ministry of Fuel Office but the rest had remained although unchanged since Dr. Dingleys photograph.

The milk flout is said to be a Midland Dairy float which later becam Unigate.

The depot was on the Wolverhampton Road in Walsall and there were around six floats in use that year before being phased out during 1953/54 to be replaced by electric ones. Two other areas served by horse drawn floats at the time were the Myvod Road/Park Lane area and the Hawthorn Road area.

One person mentioned his/her fondest memory of Russell Street. In 1932/37 when attending the old St. John’s school. Opposite was the Clancy Pawnbrokers. Every Monday the women could be seen queueing to pawn clothing for enough money to last until Friday.  It was redeemed Saturday and pawned again the following Monday.

“On the corner stood Robert’s Newsagents and sweet shop.  For 1/2d (about a quarter of the present 1p) we bought a bag of sweets.  Only the rich kids every had 1/2d on a week day”


Did you know that Holyhead Road was built in 1826 and at one point there used to be a stream running down Camp Hill Lane to the river Tame at The Blocks?

The stream came from Campfield Well which was on the corner of Camp Street and Campfield Lane (which is now Camp Hill Lane).  Campfield stretched away to join Wednesbury Old Field.


There a game was played called Campball or Savage Camp.  This was a “modified” game of football with the goals just 10/12 yards apart.


The water supplied the tannery in the 18th century and superstition has it that the area was haunted by a water-carrier who was unhappy as he was denied eternal rest. This was because he sold water on a Sunday when he was alive!

The ghost was seldom seen but the rattlings of pails and yoke chaining was heard, particularly in a thunder storm during the midnight hours.

“Happy hunting”.

Brunswick park 2

Well, most of us now know the history of Brunswick park by now, and if you don’t? ….. this means you have not been paying attention to this blog.


lovers walkPARK CART

The park was opened to celebrate Queen Victoria’s jubilee and was dedicated to the public on June 21st 1887.




The land, 28 acres, was purchased from the Patent Shaft Axle Tree Company for £3,000 and was eventually laid out at a cost of £2,300.
Just 60 years previously it had been arable fields.

The cemetery alongside the park was opened in 1868.
In 1875 the Wednesbury Old Athletics Club were still playing where Rooth Street is now.


But did you know that an article entitled “Britain’s Black Blott – desolate coal districts of Britain and how they might be converted into picturesque worlds” appeared in an American magazine?

It said that Brunswick Park was the model for how transformation might be achieved.
There were a number of pages singing the park’s praises.
It said “The park is now a veritable green oasis in a black desert”.

Also, and this is a new one on me:
In the 1960’s there was a proposal to remove the bandstand and transfer it to the middle island on the High Bullen?
Obviously, this never happened, but the railings were taken down as by now the open planned parks were thought more fashionable.

But i love this bit;

Although anyone can get into the park, due to the removal of the railings, the council still employ someone to lock the gates every night and to open them the following morning.
(And they moaned about cutting back … crazy)

Shame we couldn’t go back to the fashionable days of open planned parks & Cemetery’s though?
Not to be able to stroll through the cemetery on my way home after a night out wouldn’t have felt right … so for that reason, I’m kinda glad I left the town before they had it all gated off.


The unexpected

The Unexpected.

When I told me mates, they day arf loff, I couldn’t see what was funny?
I’d found a wench the night befower who said she’s be my honey.

Dow get me wrong, she wor the kind yode tek hum to ya mum
But her’d bin gone ten years or mower, it was time I had some fun.

I’d seen err a dozen times or mower, at night, in all kinds of weather
And I felt for that poor wench I did, not a penny to rub together.

But stupid as I always am and then me being rather shy
Every night I tried to spake, I bottled it and went n passed her by.

One night she stood arms folded as I was drawing near,
She looked beneath me cap n said, ok you’l do my dear.

She wanted me to tek her hum, I wor havin none of that
So instead we sat beneath the lamp and had a real good chat.

I talked about my redundancy, my health and severance pay,
She smiled so sweet, my heart stood still, couldn’t tek me eyes away

Excited for our next meeting, she sed she’s moving in?
Gob smacked and happy I was right then, at how lucky I had bin!

But today I lost my true love, she’s gone and blooming left me
My heart is sore my mind is blank and I feel so very empty.

What con I do without err? who’ll be there to shift me fears
I cor imagine life without my bride, not after 40 years!

The recovery day.

Did yo all dress up on New years eve
In ya fancy dress up cloos
Gooin on a pub crawl,
supping too much booze?

Someone ud tek the photos,
while the rest pulled funny ferces
We used ter think we looked so cool
in our bodices and lerces

We wud all sing arr yeds off
Not one of us in tune
We’d dance berfoot as we sang
Under a frozen December moon

Them wuz the best nights ever
We day arf av a loff
An the best part was: there was no werk
Cus we had New Years day off.

The recovery day we called it.