Facebook Picture Album comments. No 1 ….. going down..

Facebook Picture Album comments; Right up our street.

I hate to delete anything off  THOW page, but when you comment on the ‘Picture Album’ rather than on the.’Picture in the Album, no one (including myself’)  knows which picture you refer to?

So what’s the problem with just leaving them there anyway?” I hear you cry!

Well, because everyone follows the last comment?  (Understandable) and then there are hundreds! And I don’t get to see your replies as I browse the pictures?  So, any queries posted there, I cant reply to, and that makes me feel bad! ………………..But I’m deleting now!

Don’t think me cruel and heartless, I’m doing this for your own good …. And I’m also ensuring your replies or questions are still recorded …. HERE!
Starting off with the Album; RIGHT UP OUR STREET!   (linky)

Here we go.

Lyn Tambe Family home for over 50 years. ..November 13, 2012   (“Where was?”)
Karen Rowley omg I live in at the bottom of this Road x  November 13, 2012  (“What road”?)
Alan Rhodes   Place of my birth No 40 bottom right side. Happy days  November 13, 2012  (“Bottom right side of where?”)
Rebecca Jukes  What street is this? Xx December 30, 2012 (“What street?”)     Never seen this Becca!

And I did try to tell you; The History Of Wednesbury Rebecca, what picture are you referring too? if you comment on the picture instead of the Album I will know what you are on about silly billy! Xx  December 30, 2012
The History Of Wednesbury Lyn Tambe, which one was your family home? Karen Rowley which road? Alan Rhodes which picture was your place of birth? If you let me know i can put your post up next to the right picture. This Face Book is a strange beast, letting you comment on the album is so crazy and confusing, but there is no way around it yet. If you click on the picture and then post … it will go in the right place.December 30, 2012 .. Why haven’t Face Book got a fix for this yet? Grrrrrr  December 30, 2012
Rose Nightingale I remember these being built I lived in moor street January 2013  (“What was being built?”)

Jason Tracey My nan and grandad lived at No 38 for years… We lived in Thorn Close and than 24 Hawthorne road. January 2013
Dave Taylor Nice July 23  (“Errrm thank you?”)
Jean Foster so lovely to see these pictures x July 23
Jane Baker The picture with car outside the house is Albert Street where my mum use to live as little girl. August 17  (“Oh yeah, that picture?”)
Rebecca Thompson My Nan & Grandad moved into no. 7 Sheldon Ave, in 1953 (i think) Dave and Edith Hodgkins. I spent most of my time with them in the 70’s as Mom went back to work after having me. We moved in with Nan after Grandad died in 1981, then we moved from there in 1985. So many memories! August 18  ALL GOOD!
Catherine Maddox Great pics  August 22    WHY, FANKOOO CAT!
Adrian Evans Never seen Barlow road look so good lol  August 22
Glenys Nock You bought back happy memories of hydra rd my aunt lived there thank you August 22   xx
Glenys Nock Sorry hydes rd August 22   ….(“SEE!”) lol
Kath Osborne I lived at number 42 prince george road 40 years ago with me mom and dad August 22
Betty Green I was born at 109,think it is the picture ? (Hydes Rd) August 22
Catherine Maddox My aunt lived at 37 Prince George Road August 22
Estelle Mzz We lived in Elwell street when I was a child. When I saw that railway box I knew I was nearly on my hols…the pařk x   September 26
Angie Lloyd When did the trains stop running from bescot to wednesbury? September 26  (SOZ.. JUST SEEN THIS 4 WEEKS LATER)
Barbara Wearing I used to take my children to Mesty Croft .Had to cross by the bridge down Pound rd. I remember picking them up to show them the trains passing. got to be 34 ish years ago. I would like to know when they stopped. September 30  GRRR lol
Geoffrey Crump The Dudley Dasher. October 4
Mark Hooper The last trains ran on Friday 19th March 1993 October 4  (Thank you Mark)
Stephen Huggins how nice no cars October 4  (Now I now where you mean because this was only posted 10 days ago)

Heather Nightingale An absolutely brilliant collection of photos. But can anyone please help me, as I’m trying to find an old photo of our house. It’s 1 Vicarage Road, which is right opposite Handley Street and Ye Olde Leathern Bottel. It’s been around since the mid 1800s and we’re been told it used to be a sweet shop during WW2. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.  2 hours ago
The History Of Wednesbury Heather, coincidentally, last night I was searching (As I do every night) and i came across something in the Black County archives. Sadly there was no picture to copy for you , but it did say; A picture of Vicarage road cottages. It only gave a number (of which I copied down for you) that you can request at the archives? Ref No: PHS/8182 and go here to find the archive; http://blackcountryhistory.org/  PURE LUCK THAT I SPOTTED THAT ONE!

So, I know there will come a time when someone says; “Hey! Where has my post gone?”

You will then find yourself here  ….. Smile

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