And another one bites the dust, Industry Album comments ..going down….

Facebook Picture Album comments; Industry

I hate to delete anything off  THOW page, but when you comment on the ‘Picture Album’ rather than on the.’Picture in the Album, no one (including myself’)  knows which picture you refer to?

So what’s the problem with just leaving them there anyway?” I hear you cry!

Well, because everyone follows the last comment?  (Understandable) and then there are hundreds! And I don’t get to see your replies as I browse the pictures?  So, any queries posted there, I cant reply to, and that makes me feel bad! ………………..But I’m deleting now!

Don’t think me cruel and heartless, I’m doing this for your own good …. And I’m also ensuring your replies or questions are still recorded …. HERE …IN THE INDUSTRY ALBUM REPLIES.

Judy Earp most of my family worked at the patent shaft right back to my gtgtgt grandad November 12, 2012
Bernardine Hall My mom workt at newmans tubes in the canteen an in school holidays I ad my dinner ther xx November 12, 2012
Melvyn Mansell remember it well.. used to wor the door at the night club on leabrook road. November 13, 2012
Ron Hall I worked at Hilltop foundry with Edgar Archer November 19, 2012
Dave Finch anybody got any pics of bescot drop forge please December 16, 2012
Martin Bayliss This was taken from the flats in Darlaston and the factory you can see is Rubry Owens December 20, 2012
Pauline Roberts Ron Hall you never worked at Hill Top Foundry did you? I worked there from 1964 till 1968 x December 20, 2012
Ron Hall Yes I worked in the maintenance with Edgar Archer, it would be about 63/64. What department did you work in x December 20, 2012
Pauline Roberts Worked in the Sales Dept with Wal Smith……do you remember Sol Bates? December 20, 2012
Ron Hall Can’t remember any names, but I painted the window frames in the offices, it took me about a week when it should have took me about 3days office staff weren’t too pleased. I remember going on the works Christmas do the coach hit a car on the way back, no one got hurt though. December 20, 2012
Jacqui Dossett My dad Tony Salter worked at Hill Top Foundry with Edgar Archer in the late 60′ s January 9
Ron Hall I worked with Edgar about 1964 for about a year January 9
Sharon Highfield Hartill My dad worked at newmans tubes and my 3 brothers worked at hill top foundry also with my dad April 24
Mary Underhill Ron did you live on the Oval. May 5
Mary Underhill That should say live in the Oval and where you friends with Alan Thorton?
May 5
Sue Parton My dad .mick jones worked at F H Lloyds from 78 until it shut , does anyone remember him who worked there? June 4
Glenda Davies I started work at Wednesbury Garage in 1960. July 4
Catherine Maddox All this industry gone, so sad! July 4
Sharon Highfield Hartill My brothers and my dad worked at Hill Top Foundry.Highfield the name. July 4
Sharon Highfield Hartill My dad also worked at Nezbit Evans on the Holyhead Road. July 4
Brumbabe Albion mom, dad and granddad worked at lloyds July 4
Carol Cutler Ne Rogers Anyone got any pics of walsh graham saw mill my dad n grandad worked there in 50 s July 23
Sharon Highfield Hartill My dad worked at Nesbit Evans xx August 5
Ron Hall Is it Mick Jones from Hawthorn Road, if so I used to work in the machine shop same time Sue. August 5
Sue Parton No not from Hawthorn road Ron , We use to live in wood street , right opposite the main gate to Lloyds. August 5
Sarah Gregory Do you mean servis as in the washing machine factory? August 10
Sarah Gregory My mom worked there August 10
Sarah Gregory Wilkins and Mitchell August 10
Tilly Carter  hiya do u know what was on the old college, on woden rd south wbury, before the college was built August 10  “Sorry missed this question …SEE!”
Heather Donaldson My goodness, there were loads! My dad worked at William Wesson in Moxley for most of his working life. August 19
Emma Brannigan-Lawson My great grandad is on here James Cartwright. How lovely to see this, can’t wait to show my nan Bet (his daughter). He was a true gentleman and we miss him so much xxx August 20
Garry Cox I did my apprenticeship at The Patent Shaft and Axeltree Company 1974 to 1978 then worked in the labs until it finally closed in 1980. August 20
Rosemarie Hale Handley My dad worked at the patent shaft for over 20 years. August 23
Eric Bevan I worked at Rubery Owen in AF19 from 1942 to 1944 August 23
Dave Taylor very good September 11
Eric Bevan I worked in AF 19 at Rubery Owen in 1942 and my sisters worked in the motor wheel dept September 11
Mark Hooper Re The train pulling out of Bescot station: The building in the background is the old steam locomotive shed September 11
David J. Jones New Hall Mill is owned by the Owens and I often speak to David when he pops in to see how things are going (I’m a Friend of the Mill and do voluntary work on workdays and open days). I manage and update their Facebook page. September 14
Yvonne Worton Surely Braithwaites is in Great Bridge. In fact the offices were demolished recently. I don’t know about the factory. They used to have a large pulley system in one part of it. October 12  “Soz missed this too, but I wouldn’t have known what you were referring to anyway?”
Brumbabe Albion any memories of Charles” in wednesbury? my nan used to work ther in 50s/60s October 13
Wendy Rusling My dad Rodney Wordsworth was chief wages clerk at the Patent Shaft until he retired through ill health around 1968. He also ran the social club in Leabrook road for a while ..I remember the Bingo! Mum worked at Fosters power piping as a shorthand typist. October 20
Mick Peach I worked as 3rd hand on the furnace hot work but good memories .I remember having a good pint on night shifts October 21



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