Teddy Greys

I was in the middle of copying every single picture I have on my computer concenring THOW and putting them on disc, (12GB so far by the way)
When I came to a picture of Teddy Greys.
…….. I had to stop what I was doing, grab a pen and scribble away as fast as I could, as these mad words came into my head.
God only knows where they come from … I swear! … I aye right!

Last time.

I’m gooin up to Teddy Greys, I’m bostin for me suck,
I aye bin theya, for what seems like a year & I’m hoping for better luck
(“Cus yow aye gooin to belive this”)

Last time all excited, I parked up by the clock, and skipped me ways to Teddy Greys
To find out, they were out of stock!

Well, I aye the one to bite me lip and say “Oh it dow matter”
If I’m not wrong, she should feel my tongue,
So i prepared myself to ‘Goo at err’!

I filled me lungs, me face turned red, yow could see err were getting scared
But what came next shocked err, she was totally unprepared.

I crumbled to the floor I did, and let out a mighty scream,
I cried like a babby and dropped swear words in between.

“You cor do this, om gooin hum and i shor be back for wiks,
I aye from here no more! I cried. “I live up in the sticks”.

“They dow have Teddy greys up theya, its hell I tell ya: “HELL”!
Please dow say “No chocolate fudge” cus I aye feeling well!

I sin err pick the phone up, but by this time me head was gone,
if erred gone to call her hubby .. then: I wor frightened of no Mon.

But it woz wuss than that, erred gone an called the cops, (Who recognised me face)
So I was off to be locked up, Well … I recognised ‘THAT’ place!

But today is another day, she surely has some fudge?
And if she aye, I’m telling you … this time I just wow budge!

A reply? …. cheeky!


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