Forge and Edge Tools

clip_image002Samuel Platt Ltd.

Engineers and Machine Tool Manufacturers, King’s Hill Foundry.
This was one of the most representative engineering firms at Wednesbury,
whether regarded from the standpoint of age, the variety of manufacture
or the number of workpeople employed.
The full story of this great business embraces the whole of four reigns and portions of two others,
In splendidly-equipped premises Messrs.Piatt produce first-class shafting and shaft fittings (with patent self-oiling bearings)
tube-manufacturing machinery : pulleys and mill-gearing bolt and nut-making.  machinery: straightening machines for bars and tubes (both hot and cold) stamps and stripping presses patent power hammers ready sale being obtained for all these in home and foreign markets.
During the war the firm, under Government control, was engaged solely on War Office and Admiralty Contracts,
The Works were extensive and well-organised, and the number of employees was about 2,000.clip_image004
Victoria Iron and Steel Works –  W. Wesson & Company Limited,
W. Wesson & Co. were entirely engaged on producing Iron and Steel for Munitions of War.
The manufactures include Iron and Steel Bars for the production of Chains, Cables, Nuts and Bolts,
etc Iron and Steel Strip for Gas, Bedstead, Hydraulic and Conduit Tubes;
Puddled and Ball Furnaced Iron and Steel Billets for Stamping and Forging.
It should be noted also that this firm specialises in the production of Bright, Cold-Rolled Steel Strip and Bright Drawn Steel Bars.
As Galvanizers, Messrs. Wesson have an excellent reputation in the trade :
Tubes, Fittings, Nuts and Bolts, and General Oddwork being successfully dealt with by this process.
The firm has been on the Admiralty list for a considerable period, and has many Government Contracts running at the present time.

The Steel Nut and Joseph Hampton Limited.
The illustrations on this Company, has a world-wide connection
Agencies being established in the Colonies and on the Continent.
The Nut and Bolt Department, which supplies general and electrical engineers, aircraft manufacturers, motor and cycle makers and others with best-quality bright bolts, nuts, washers, studs, turn-buckles, and numerous other articles turned from the steel bar the Steel Department, which produces drawn steel in a variety of sections for machining joiners and engineers’ tools are manufactured
The Tool Department, where car-the Foundry, which produces tramway and engineering castings. each is equipped with modern machinery enabling it to cope with contracts from the War Office, the Admiralty and the Air Ministry, which at present are absorbing most of the Company’s energies.

Hampton & Beebee Ltd.
A name well known in the automobile, aeronautical and engineering trades, for the firm has given particular attention to the production of superior washers .
Parts small in themselves, but of vital importance in “keeping things together.”
These washers are made in a variety of metals and sizes, and are esteemed for their reliability.
Another department of the business is devoted to the manufacture of shafting collars, hacksaw machines, and hacksaw blades, and an extensive trade is done in bright steel bolts, nuts and studs, square hole grub screws, and bright steel strip.
Enquiries esteemed from the trades mentioned.
Old Park Works Lloyds, Foster and Co
1866 Manufacturers of railway rolling stock with 3,000 persons employed. Also make wrought iron girders and bridges including those for Blackfriars Bridge due for delivery in 1868. No women or children employed.
The Bessemer process was installed in the Old Park Works of Lloyds, Foster and Co Later became Patent Shaft and Axletree Co

Rigbys Wednesbury – formerly John Rigby and Sons, Walsall – Established 1842

1916. From the Walsall Chamber of Commerce Year Book
Iron foundry making Axles, Spring & Edge tools


Roberts and Co Wednesbury Ltd – Franchise Street, Founded 1920
Roberts & Co – Wednesbury – Ltd – 9201960.

clip_image009 1951 Advertisement      clip_image011 1960 Advertisement
Adams and Richards
.clip_image0121876 Advert   clip_image0131884. From Kelly’s Directory.

clip_image014  clip_image016
1891 Advert.                          1916. In Walsall Chamber of Com Year Book
Henry Peace Ltd
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Brass Founders.
The pretty general adoption of electricity as a motive power in the Wednesbury workshops had given scope for the display of enterprise, resource and adaptability on thepart of the electrical and mechanical engineer, and the above firm was not  slow to take advantage of the opportunities thrust in its way.
Good business was done, also, in the production of phosphor bronze and gun-metal castings machined to customers’requirements.
Enquiries invited from the aircraft and motor trades.
H.J. Barlow & Co.
Manufacturers of bright steel nuts, bolts, set pins, engineers’ washers, etc.,
The works were to be found in Mounts road with Offices in Bridge Street.
Aalthough a comparatively young firm, compared to other at the time, they were  very quickly making a reputation for themselves amongst the greatest engineering concerns, including the motor and aircraft factories, of this country.
They believed in giving a “GOOD ARTICLE EVERY TIME”, and their Works were well-organised and were equipped with the very latest type of machinery.


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