The ever changing ‘Wednesbury Market place’


 The town became well known for its market, whose roots go back to the 18th century.

Wednesbury market began in 1709 when Queen Anne granted a charter that gave John Hoo, Lord of the Manor, the right to hold two annual fairs in the town, and a weekly market on Fridays.

Fairs were initially held on 25th April and 23rd July until the calendar was altered in 1752, when the dates became 6th May and 3rd August. The charter allowed the sale of cattle, beasts, and all manner of goods, including the wares and merchandise that were commonly bought in fairs and markets at the time.


The Market Place in the 1970’s, the heart of our Town. Who remembers all the shops?

On the left is Burton’s  Woolworths, and the West Bromwich Building Society.

On the right is Dewhurst butchers, and George Mason grocer.


Another view of the Market Place with the Midland Bank and Sketchley (dry cleaners) behind the clock and the MEB shop on far right.


The Market Place looking towards Upper High Street, and the old clock tower, which is now Grade II listed.

newold mrket

In 1970 the market moved to an undercover market, and a traditional outside market, in Camp Street.


Then we whizz back in time to how the Market Place looked like in 1895.

Look at all those people and look at all those stalls!!


On the left:

A recent picture

taken by Mike J Maynard: The clock


On the right the Market Town 1950’s


This fine old postcard image depicts Wednesbury Market Place over a century ago. Stalls are crammed into the market square, with eager Edwardians perusing the produce, eager to nab a bargain.

MarketPlace 19705

Very old picture of the market Town, fancy a guess at the year?

The market place again from a different angle.

Try a guess at the year by the cr parked around the clock.

Similar picture but much earlier, What year is this?

The 1914 Wednesbury &  district co-op society gala.

Was it demanded that everybody should wear a hat do you think? 🙂

A more detailed picture of a 1900 market place

Just to the right of the clock is Fosters Brothers Clothing Co.
Having a ‘leaving’ sale.

This was taken in 1912.

An old Post card showing the Lower market place in the year  1917

And another showing a recent view of the Lower market place as it looked in 2007

I love this old Post card of the market place but I can only guess at the year.

1920’s do you think?

This picture was taken

16:10   23/11/2012

On the left another very old post card

showing the many stalls around

the old clock Tower.

And on the right a  lovely picture of the Clock tower

Cycle ride in Wednesbury.

Again, can you guess at the year?

But did you know you could buy yourself a wife at Wednesbury Market?

F.W. Hackwood recalled

in his “Wednesbury Ancient and Modern”, that he was told of the sale of a

wife, by an eyewitness, which took place at a public auction held in the Market Place. He also stated that this had happened on more than one occasion

Anyone remember the old MEB shop?

This was demolished in 1989 and they found a 18th Cenury pottery kiln here

Can anyone tell me what year this was, it was before Union street became pedestrianised but when was that.

This is how I remember Wednesbury the most.

And then there were our favourite old shops:


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