Black Country Gospels: The good samaritan

The Good Samaritan
(LUKE 10,25-37)

Any rode, this lawyer stood up an’ sed: .. Master, what av I gorra dew to get eternal life?”
Jesus sed: .. Wots the law say. an’ ‘ow dost interpret it?”
The lawyer sed: ” Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy soul and with all thy heart and with all thy strength and all thy mind and thy neighbour as thyself:’

Jesus sed: “Yo answered right, yo’ do it an’ yowl live.”

Then the lawyer sed: Well who’s me neighbour?”

Jesus tode ‘im, saying: ..
This mon wuz gooin from Jerusalem to Jericho when this gang of muggers set abaht ‘im and beat ‘im up leavin, im theer alf jed.
“Any rode, not long after, this priest cum dahn the road an sid im lyin theer alf jed an day even look at im but walked past.
Abaht alf an our later this Levite cums dahn the road an e does the saerm as the priest an’ walks away.
But a Samaritan cums along an siz im lyin theer alf jed an does sum fust aid on im an teks im dahn the local an seez as es orlrite.

The next day when ‘e’s leavin’ he tells the gaffer to tek care of the bloke an stick the bill on is slate. an e’ll settle up nex’ time as es in:’

When Jesus ‘ad sed this ‘e aksed the lawyer: Which o these thray dost yo think wuz thy neighbour?”
The lawyer sed: .. ‘im what showed mercy:’
Jesus sed to ‘im: ;. Yo’ goo an’ do the saerrn.”


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