Brunswick park 2

Well, most of us now know the history of Brunswick park by now, and if you don’t? ….. this means you have not been paying attention to this blog.


lovers walkPARK CART

The park was opened to celebrate Queen Victoria’s jubilee and was dedicated to the public on June 21st 1887.




The land, 28 acres, was purchased from the Patent Shaft Axle Tree Company for £3,000 and was eventually laid out at a cost of £2,300.
Just 60 years previously it had been arable fields.

The cemetery alongside the park was opened in 1868.
In 1875 the Wednesbury Old Athletics Club were still playing where Rooth Street is now.


But did you know that an article entitled “Britain’s Black Blott – desolate coal districts of Britain and how they might be converted into picturesque worlds” appeared in an American magazine?

It said that Brunswick Park was the model for how transformation might be achieved.
There were a number of pages singing the park’s praises.
It said “The park is now a veritable green oasis in a black desert”.

Also, and this is a new one on me:
In the 1960’s there was a proposal to remove the bandstand and transfer it to the middle island on the High Bullen?
Obviously, this never happened, but the railings were taken down as by now the open planned parks were thought more fashionable.

But i love this bit;

Although anyone can get into the park, due to the removal of the railings, the council still employ someone to lock the gates every night and to open them the following morning.
(And they moaned about cutting back … crazy)

Shame we couldn’t go back to the fashionable days of open planned parks & Cemetery’s though?
Not to be able to stroll through the cemetery on my way home after a night out wouldn’t have felt right … so for that reason, I’m kinda glad I left the town before they had it all gated off.



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