The unexpected

The Unexpected.

When I told me mates, they day arf loff, I couldn’t see what was funny?
I’d found a wench the night befower who said she’s be my honey.

Dow get me wrong, she wor the kind yode tek hum to ya mum
But her’d bin gone ten years or mower, it was time I had some fun.

I’d seen err a dozen times or mower, at night, in all kinds of weather
And I felt for that poor wench I did, not a penny to rub together.

But stupid as I always am and then me being rather shy
Every night I tried to spake, I bottled it and went n passed her by.

One night she stood arms folded as I was drawing near,
She looked beneath me cap n said, ok you’l do my dear.

She wanted me to tek her hum, I wor havin none of that
So instead we sat beneath the lamp and had a real good chat.

I talked about my redundancy, my health and severance pay,
She smiled so sweet, my heart stood still, couldn’t tek me eyes away

Excited for our next meeting, she sed she’s moving in?
Gob smacked and happy I was right then, at how lucky I had bin!

But today I lost my true love, she’s gone and blooming left me
My heart is sore my mind is blank and I feel so very empty.

What con I do without err? who’ll be there to shift me fears
I cor imagine life without my bride, not after 40 years!


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