The recovery day.

Did yo all dress up on New years eve
In ya fancy dress up cloos
Gooin on a pub crawl,
supping too much booze?

Someone ud tek the photos,
while the rest pulled funny ferces
We used ter think we looked so cool
in our bodices and lerces

We wud all sing arr yeds off
Not one of us in tune
We’d dance berfoot as we sang
Under a frozen December moon

Them wuz the best nights ever
We day arf av a loff
An the best part was: there was no werk
Cus we had New Years day off.

The recovery day we called it.


One thought on “The recovery day.

  1. Hi Tina,

    I’ve got one of those fancy dress photos as my Facebook profile picture; it’s lasting well… I’m going out today photographing historic buildings. Not sure about Wednesbury, it’s hard to park even on a bloody Sunday. I’m off into foreign territory to photograph a pub where they found a preserved severed arm and hand when they were re-modelling it. They say there is a tunnel underneath leading to the church too. I like these stories, Hackwood might have been a romantic like Charles Dickens, but he could tell a good story too!

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