Yome avin a laff aye ya?

Lets get down to the subject again of being called a Brummy when your far from home.

People always say:

“Well, it sounds the same to me”.
Whaaaat? Are you saying I talk really slow?
“errm no you don’t”
Well Brummies do!

Are you saying I sound like I’m about to fall asleep as i talk to you?
” erm … no, not at all”
Well Brummies do!

“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to offend you”
Oh okaay then…. So, are you an Everton supporter?
“I’m certainly NOT an Everton supporter, I support Liverpool!”
Well, I’m sorry if i offended you but you sound like an Everton supporter!

So, what is the real difference between us ‘quick & sing-song’ like Black country folk to the ‘ohhh sooooo sloooowwwww talking’ Brummies?

For a start: The ‘ong’ words
(long, song, wrong, etc.) are pronounced in the black country with a ‘u’!
How lung is that sung gonna be, that aye right, a sung so lung has gotta be wrung .. aye it?

Black country accent: Adrian Chiles and Frank Skinner, both Black Country lads.
Black country lads

Now Jasper Carrott: A Brummy! Brumy Carrott

But he is not a good example really, we need to hear the Brummy whine? (soz to any Brummies here but you do whine a bit? ) 🙂

So lets listen to a real Brummy:   A real brummy zzzzzzz

How about a bit of Wolverhampton (not forgetting that a lot of people even dispute Wolvo are black country:

And then there is good old Dudley … what some people say is the heart of the Black Country.
(I disagree, because we all know Wednesbury is the heart)    Dudly cup of tay

And a bit of Olbury just for a listen aye?: Getting a bit near to Brum here?

So all yo who think we sound like Brummies? ……. Put that in ya pipe and smoke it!


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