Its hot!

Its hot, it hot, and it takes a lot, to cool myself …oh God!
I go out looking fresh and dry and come back like a sod?
I’ve not been cold, for quite awhile, it seems I sweat forever.
I wouldn’t mind it half as much if it acclimatised with the weather.

I walk around in sleeveless tops while others dress for snow?
I sweat while i’m in Asda and I’m sure the old gals know.
It’s that sympathetic smile that says Oh yes she’s in the flush”
it’s not funny ,I aye laughing when I get the sweaty rush.

Getting older never scared me, and I’m really cool with dying
But the sweat that trickles down my face is getting very trying.

And I aint lying!
No oh no I aint lying.

Pass that last tiptop!


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