Anuk and Ayli by Kate Archer

Ayli guz fer ‘iz yewshewal drink
Un wor ‘arf Jukkin” glum.
‘Iz trubbles tew ‘iz pals poured aht
Abahrr ‘iz life at um.

It’s me missiz wot’s bin onter me”
A right bost up we ad.
Ar wish ‘er’d goo un drahned ‘erself,
‘Er meks me Sick un bad.

‘Er’s socked me wi’ the rowlin’ pin,
Me yed-it ay ‘arf sooer.
Abaht munee we’n bin, rowin’,
‘Er sez ‘er waants sum mooer.”

Yow gi’ ‘er yer werjiz wen yowm payed,”
Sed Aynuk sympathizin’, .
.. Er orter know it ay yower fault
Uz priysis kaype on riyzin’

” Wen ah’rn payed wunce a munth,” sed Ayli,
“The fairm pays me be cheque.
Ah tek it wum un gi’ it ‘er, ‘
‘Er knows ‘ow much ah mek,

” ‘Er giz me a bit ter spend on meself,
It dow buy me alot.’
” But yowve alwliz got plenty,” sed Aynuk,
Much mooer than woh i got”

But nair yow gorra ‘ear the wust,’
Sed Ayli all dismayed.
” ‘Ers. fun aht the’ trewth frum sumwere
It’s evvery fortnit I get payed.”

Kate Fletcher.

“Love it”!


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