A Merry Black Country Crimbo to you all.

I know its only August, and the Crimbo decorations are already up in Costco.
But I just came across this in the Bugle archives dated 1991 … and I loved it so much!

It was penned by a lady named ‘Beryl Wilkes’ I know nothing else about this lady, only that I would love to find more of her rhymes … if they are like this.

Merry crimbo!

“Ar cor goo Joe, ar doh feel well”, was all that er cud say.
“Yow gotta goo! Yowl be with me, ar’ll help ya all the way.”

They’d gotta goo t’ Bethlehem cuz it was census time, an’ if they cudn’t get theer they’d atter pay the fine.

“Ar’ll never mek it”, Mary said, “yo know the babby’s due,
an when we get t’ Bethlehem ar bet ther’ll be a queue!

It’s 70 mile t’ Bethlehem from Naz’reth where weer from,
we cor get theer with me like this.”
An’ Joseph said, “We con.”

“Oh Joe, ar’m tired, ar cor goo on, cor goo another mile.”
“Buck up me wench sit on this bench, ‘a thee a rest for a while.”

Cuz Mary dae feel very well they ‘ad to travel slow,
an’ wen they got t’ Bethlehem there wor no weer t’ goo!

“Don’t worry m’ wench,” Joseph said, “we’ll find someweer soon.”
But the answer was alwiz the sairm, “Ar’m sorry mate, yo cor cum ‘ere, we ay got no rume.”

The cupple went to all the pubs, nobody wanted to ‘ear, then a landlord showed ’em a stairble an’ sed, “Yo con stop in theer.”

Theer w’ sum shepherds in a field a cupple o’ miles away,
who suddenly saw the sky light up as bright as if it were day.

They sid a gorgeous angel oo spoke t’ them and said,
“G’ t’ Bethlehem an’ find the Son of God lyin’ in a manger bed.”

They found out weere the babby woz an’ in they went t’ see,
the Servya of the wairld that God ‘ad sent for yo an’ me.

“Con we see the babby, please, wot the angel sed woz ‘ere?
He said ‘E’s very special and theer’s nuthin’ for us to fear.”

“Yes, doh be frightened – cum on in, excuse the plairce.”
“Doh fuss,” the shepherds said, “Yo know it cud be werss.”

They went up to the manger weer the babby ‘ad bin laid,
they knelt before the Servya an’ silently they prayed.

The shepherds rose from off their knees an said as they turned to go,
“‘E’s a luvly babby, ay ‘E?” and Mary said, “Ar know.”

“Isn’t that lovely?, it almost brought tears to my eyes”….. >>Runs off blowing her nose>>


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