It ull cum in.

“Well, I must say, this sounds like my old shed in Oxford st”


Ere’s a sayin’ ah bet yo’ve ‘eared sed

Wen the ode mon’s bin messin’ abaht in the shed

“Wotever yow dew doh throw this away

Ah know it’s bin idle it ull cum in one day”

It’s a pound ter a penny it doh aer’kid

Just judge for yerself frum one shed ah’ve sid

No jokin un jestin’ it wuz packed ter the dooer

Yo’de uv wanted a shew-‘orn ter shuved in any moore

“No nerms un no pack drill” that’s wot they say

Soo ah bay sayin’ nuthin’ ter gi’ folks away

Ah’l tell yer the contents ah bay “round the twist”

But yo’le think ah bin wen yoh ‘ear the list…..

Five silk chers – Tew carrots – sum lino un

Three deck chers one gramophone which wer no gud

A piana no gaermin’ which still plays a tewn

Ode telly – one telescope ter gerze ut te mewn

A broken down mower wot ud sid better days

One lantern – one gas fire un abaht six sets uv kays

Theer wuz a camp-bed un bike a fiddle un kerse

It teks sum believin’ wot wuz stuck in the plerce

Ten paint tins – foher buckits – sum steps un sum books

Besides cherns un rope strung dow on ‘ooks

Sum ‘ardboard un sond wi’ sum perishin’ cement

Un all sorts uv tewls wi’ moost on um bent

From the flooer ter the rewf it wuz bulgin’ wi’ stuff

Theer wuz chimney sweep brushes un rods fer a suff

Un ah ay tode yer all cus sum ah’ve forgot

A duzun “jumble-serles”cud’nt sell all the lot

It wuz conglomerershun aer’kid ut its wust

Theer wuz umpteen mooer items gooin’ ter rust……

Soo aer’kid if yoh think “It ull cum in one day”

Yoh best tek stock uv yer shed rite away

Cus if yoh doh yoh mite not gerrin

Ter werk things out just wheer yoh bin

The one uz ah’ve menshund is still “in a fix”

Us no wunder at it….It’s just 8 be 6!

Written by: HARRY HARRISON.   A.T.V. Television Poet


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