Jim Croton ~ Southbound platform

Jim Croton

The south bound platform near mid-summers day
A mother waits with her two boys at play
Heat haze rises from trucks in a siding
Passengers impatient their time should be biding
Go stand by the box and wait for the bell
The arrival of the train it ought to fortell
Hear two clangs – “is that it mum”?
We shan’t know yet until it has come
Here at last a loco and four
Stand well clear then open the door
Gaze from the window as we move away
It’s the last we shall see of Wednesbury today.

“Jim had to explain the bell to me, because I’m far too young to remember” 🙂

Signal boxes used to tell each other what was coming by bell codes. I didn’t know that then, but I do now.
One ding means “I want your attention“. Two dings means “The train is leaving my box’s section and entering yours“.
So when you heard two dings; “A train was approaching”.

Wednesbury Central’s signal box was at the north end of the Birmingham bound platform.


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