Wednesbury 6yr old Golfing star?

A star is born.

It wasn’t long ago that I decided it was about time I bragged about my little Nephew Jaden Phipps on THOW FB page.

He was just 5yrs old then, but of course we had all known a long time ago that he had a remarkable talent for Golf, and although he was obviously starting to get noticed at Three hammers Golf club where he played, plus the fact that every time he went to the Golf Show, he was spotted. That was really the extent of his fame.

Since I posted about him late 2012 things have really changed, he is at this moment in San Diego, California. Competing in the Callaway Junior world Golf Championships.

But, before I write about what he has achieved in recent months I want to start with that first post.

A Wednesbury star in the making?

I can’t help but ‘want’ to take the credit for our little ‘star’ Jayden.

Jayden is my little nephew, born many years after his older siblings and quite a surprise for my Sister Karen & her hubby Ashley.

When he was 16 months old, I brought him a cheap plastic golf set for Christmas and he loved it. He was just a little boy enjoying his cheap plastic toy, and we had no reason to think otherwise. No one in our family played Golf except maybe my son Blue, who used to play but would openly admit, it was just a hobby.

Just like most little boys of his age we all thought he would soon get fed up of his little plastic golf set. And sure enough he did! ……. But not in the way we all expected.

Little Jayden wanted a ‘real’ golf set!  And we think it was then that a little ‘star’ was born:

At 18 months old Watch how is he hits the ball.

So after just 6 short months he was practicing with his new golf clubs. And of course he practiced where any little boy would … at home in the front room. (Good job my sister had her front room extended!)

It soon became obvious that Jayden needed to get out and practice more, even if it was only at the ‘crazy golf’ course.

It then started to dawn on his parents that all those holes in one couldn’t be a fluke…. Could they?

His Dad Ashley needed to start taking him to a real golf course and this soon became a weekly enjoyment for dad, watching his son getting better with every practice.

His dad Ashley was a Snooker player and a good one at that, playing against some of the best players and winning, but he gave all that up to have a family. So yes, a sporting family … but Golf?

What a strange sight it must have been for all those golfers watching a little 2 & ½ yr old walking across the green. But it didn’t take long before those same golfers started to notice how well little Jayden played golf, marveling at the consistently of all his shots.

This was real! ….. this was no passing phase.

Here is Jayden at the ‘Three Hammers Driving Range’ at the age of almost three.

The same age as young Tiger Woods when he started playing?

Last year at the tender age of 4 the whole family went to the NEC golf show and his golfing ability was becoming obvious.  He was spotted on the driving range and invited to join Kevin carpenter on his trick shot show there.

Jayden was a little super star at the NEC Golf show, He had loads of attention, someone even asked him for his autograph, and he gladly complied. Not bad for a four year old?

Then next year at the age of 5 in April ‘Jayden’ was back at the NEC golfing show. This time Jayden was spotted by Geof Swain as he was playing on the driving range, he then asked if he would open up his trick shot show.

And again, a few months later he went to ‘GOLF LIVE SHOW’ at the  London Golf Club. Where he met Chris Evans and played against some Pro’s.

Jayden had been  on a trick shot show with Jeremy Dale then volunteered himself to play amateurs against professionals, I don’t suppose anyone ‘really’ thought he could play, after all he was only 5yrs old. But as the game went on it started to show that he could play, and play good.

It was down to two each in the game and it was now up to Jayden to play last. He got the ball within 6 inches of the pin to everyone’s amazement and won it for them!

With Chris Evans after the shot that won.

With Chris Evans after the shot that won.

He was also given his very own putter and they were so impressed by his talent that the whole family were invited as VIP to meet all the top players the next day. “My sister told me he was so at ease with all the players and they seemed to know just who he was”.

We just found this film from last years GO LIVE golf event, with Colin Montgomerie in the Golf Roots Marquee at Golf Live. About 2:36 into the film and Jayden shows Colin Montgomerie how it’s done!!

Anyway, I’m afraid my sister Karen has to careful now as the vultures will be circling for contracts; she has already had people inquiring. But Raa putters spotted his talent first and have been behind him all the way.

Jaden being presented with his Raa putter.

Jaden being presented with his Raa putter.

And all this was early in 2012,  what the hell is he like now?  Well, let me tell you;

But you have to wait, it will all be in the next installment of Jaden Phipps, the 6 year old Golfing star!

“Well, I do have to write it all out yet and there is loads to write, but here is a taster for now”:


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