Missing those simple little words ..

While rambling to myself in the early hours of May 20th (2013)  …. a very comon occurance when everyone is asleep, except me!I posted this simple little thought and got a great response
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Just some things I haven’t heard for ages;“Okay kids, have a wee before we go”
“Are we there yet?”
“Penny for your thoughts”
“Put wood in hole”
“Well I’ll goo to the foot of the stairs?”
“Oooh ark at err!”And the one I miss the most?
“I’m glad you told me. When you think you can’t tell me something, then you will know you have gone too far”
(That was my very wise and much missed Mom’s favorite late night line, before I went to bed)

The replies: 🙂
Andy Parkins ” Were you gooin dad” ………. ” Off me yed”
Natalie Hall Where’s ya bin,,,I’ve bin ova theea
Ann Garrity Stop blartin it wow ert ya wen it’s beta – Kippers an kertins – All fur coot n no draws
Nikki Babb What about comb luggs out yer hair…mom can I ave a bag of suk…if yo fall n break yowr legs do cum runnin to me
Tracey Tolley Don’t come running 2 me when u brake your legs (That’s when I used 2 walk on the wall lol ) If the wind changes you will stick like that.
Glenda Davies If ya dow stop crying arll gi ya summat ta cry for – Well oil goo to the foot of our stairs – Had err as babbies like shellin pays.
Dood Underhill Cum ere let me pik u up (my dad used to say this when we fell over)  – when it looked like rain dad always said “it’s black over Bills mothers”anyone heard this and how it came about.? He also said I’m gooin saft am yo cummin.
Kevin Hellend Yowl mek a beta doowa than a winda (when someone was standing in front of the tv)
Lindsey Salomon ‘Look at yowr ferce’… when coming in grimy from playing on the tip! – ‘Stop cryin’ yow sound like a glede under a doower’!

The History Of Wednesbury Look weya yome gooin, not where yo bin!

Karen Melia Hubble He’s no bottle, meaning they are no better than you ( me mother sayings) i bay chirped, lol meaning he wasn’t bothered (me dads saying)

Susan Chance My dad used to say put wood in hole. And well i’ll goo to the foot of our stairs. I still say the last one. My mom always used to say watch.the hoss road. And watch ye donnies in the door or let me hold your donny. I still say them. I said to my grand son once. Watch your donnies. My grand daughter said nan what’s a donny.

Glenda Davies Dow scratch ya yed yowall get splints, put ya thinking cap on.
Ken Kitchen Rees if I did something remotely clever,why your as clever as dicky cox you are, me . who was he then gran?well he found a bar o iron and knew where there was another! no i,ve never understood it either.
Lynne Allen If you bunked off school, the ‘wagga man will get ya’.
The History Of Wednesbury Ooooh my gaaard, the wagga mans here! (Remember saying THAT out loud a few times while looking out the bedroom window!)
John Steadman Corr yow tell the time  – Ees no gud fer use nor ornament e wants standin on the grert un black ledin – Shut that winda wile the lites on yowl a the bobharlas in the ars – E wants ittin on the yed wi a lump omma keep art is road es saft the yampy devil -If yo new up that gully the norty mom ul a ya – Con I av sum pop dad ar e sed theres loods UV carnsul pop in the tap – Look ut the size on is bally e ates like an oss in e drinks like a fish – On the building site. A lorry needed unloading and it was raining really bad we cor new art thea Sid it a arf rainin bad SId sed yes yo con I a never sid a rusty Mon – I’m bostin fer a cup a tay
Wednesbury Garden Services keep out the oss road!!
No doubt I will be adding to this!

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