Now this is spooky!

I love a spooky story, especially when it is sent to me anonymously!

Here is the copy of the story just sent to me, I don’t have a clue who sent this to me, but if the sender is reading this page?
Then “Thank you”.
********************  ********************  ********************  ********************  ********************  ********

It was a Wednesbury Summertime in the Mid 1970`s.
Both myself, and the majority of friends I hung around with, were on our Long Summer School Holidays, and waiting to go back to school for our final year starting in September.

The weather was red-hot that year, both day & night time, and being at that sort of “funny” age, we were in this sort of transitional period between being Juvenile`s & Adults, although I can assure you that most of us, myself included, all looked, and acted, a fair bit older than we really were.

As ever, money was the real problem, as we weren`t old enough to work full time, and those of us who had part time jobs, soon got through our meager earnings, so we resorted to moving round as a Gang, from place to place, finding what ever “amusement” we could.

There was one particular female friend of mine, who`s parents basically let us crash at their house during the day, while they were at work, as long as we treated it with respect, but obviously when they were back from work, from the early evening onwards, we couldn`t do this.
This girl had mentioned a number of times in conversation that she thought the house was Haunted, as she had heard a number of strange things at night, but not actually seen anything.

Fairly understandably, we had always taken this with a pinch of salt, and not took much notice.
This one particular night, her parents were going out, and wouldn’t be back until very late, so we knew we could use the house to crash in.
Someone, (I cant remember who now) suggested that as per what had been said about the place, we hold a Seance.

Well, we all thought this was a great idea, so we set about writing out the Alphabet on some sheets of paper, then cut out the letters, and arranged them in a circle on an “ideal” 1970`s large round glass topped dining table, as well as numbers from 1 to10, and put a large round glass tumbler in the middle, with as many people`s fingers from the ten or more people present on it as we could get.

The usual goings on commenced, with people doing daft “spooky” voices, and accusations by one person that another was shoving the glass etc, etc.
Then, there was one single quite loud bang on the ceiling directly above the table.
Obviously no-one was expecting this, so it got our attention straight away, and we all went completely silent for a while, and looked at each other in shock !!.

The mood got very serious now, and the laughing and mucking around of earlier on had abruptly ceased.
We started asking various questions, i.e “if you are there, are you male or female”, and “spell out your name, and date of birth” etc, all of which were answered by the glass moving to various Letters and Numbers on the table.

By this time, we had apparently got in touch with a Man, named *****, and had his date of birth, which I cannot now remember, and been told that he had died at the house.

Accusations were again made by a couple of people that the glass was being intentionally moved, although they were of a far more serious nature than before, as any humour had long since disappeared, and the atmosphere had become far more tense. Then, without warning, there was another much louder “BANG” from the ceiling above us, where the girl who lived at the property had her bedroom, and as we all jumped out of our respective skins, and looked upwards, the Glass Tumbler, which was now standing untouched on its own in the centre of the table, shot off, and smashed against the stone fireplace.

Obviously this took things to another level completely, and their were screams, shouting, and plenty of expletives, etc, but eventually, things calmed down again, although by this point, basically everyone, myself included, were scared half to death, whether we wanted to admit it or not.
“Common Sense” should have told us to stop there and then, but being young, and highly curious, and not wanting to appear wimpish in front of each other, we did not.

We decided to leave the table, sit on the floor, and ask random individual questions.
As soon as we started doing this, we established a “connection”, with loud bangs on the ceiling above us heard in ones & two`s for yes and no, in answer to our questions.
The atmosphere was one of abject terror by now, the only thing keeping us all together in the room, was that everyone was too frightened to venture out anywhere else on their own.

Then, my best friend at the time, said out of the blue – “if you really are there, come downstairs and into this room”, no sooner had the words left his mouth, that there was such a loud “CRASH” on the ceiling above us, that we thought it was going to cave in, and the central light fitting shook violently, before the lights all went out, and we were left in the dark, save for a single street light shining through the window, from the street at the top of the garden at the front of the house !!.

Screams, shouts, cries, expletives, threats, you name it all went on, then I heard something else, and shouted for everyone to be quiet.
Above the whimpers, and sounds of crying, we could hear, bump, bump, bump, “whatever” it was, it was coming down the stairs !!.

We sat in terror, and counted bump, bump, bump, then – “SMASH” !!.
There was a wooden stand at the bottom of the stairs, with a Crystal Glass vase of flowers on it, which we quickly realised was what had been upturned, and the glass vase smashed.
We all sort of simultaneously realised that if this was the case, “it” was only a few feet from the door to the room we were all sitting in !!.

A split second of silence & realization then took place, before utter Mayhem and Total Panic ensued.
Fortunately for us, there was a second entrance/exit at the far end of the lounge, which led into the Kitchen, and out into the rear garden.

Imagine ten or more utterly terrified people, all fighting with each other to get through this one single doorway at the same time, all totally panic stricken, and basically “fighting for our lives”, and you will have some idea of what I mean !!.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, we were all out of the house and cowering at the bottom of the rear garden. Everyone, boys included, was crying, and shaking with fear, even though it was the height of Summer, and still very warm.
Some had Injuries, and were bleeding etc, caused by the utter panic and chaos of fighting with one another, whilst trying to get out of the house.
A couple of us plucked up the courage to make our way back up the garden again, and open the gate at the side of the house, then we all ran as fast as we could out into the street, and in different directions, such was the panic still felt.

I ran and hid in a nearby phonebox, from where I phoned my parents, and got my father to very begrudgingly come and fetch me in the car, as I was just too scared to go any further on my own in the dark.
Obviously, when I got home, I was still in a right old state, and had to tell my parents what had happened, and they were furious to say the least.
I was still scared witless, and slept with the light on for weeks after.

The girl`s Parents who`s home it was, went to visit the Local Council, who owned the property, and told them what had happened.
When a check was carried out on the previous Tenancy Records, it was discovered that the first Tenant of the property after it had been built in the 1930`s, had been found Dead in the house, not long after moving in. His family name was ***** !!!!.
Fairly unsurprisingly, this episode had badly unsettled my friend`s Parents, and if I recall correctly, they were eventually re-housed by the Council as a family elsewhere.

The house is still there today, but thankfully, its a few miles away from where I live now, so don’t have much cause to go anywhere near it.
On the odd occasion I have had to pass it, I have had shivers down my spine recalling to myself everything that happened that night.
Obviously, all of my friends present at the time were left just as Traumatised as I was, and to this day, the subject is NEVER discussed, if at any time we should bump into each other !!.

This is my one and only experience with a “Ouija” Board, or something very like it, and I will never, ever let myself be drawn into such a situation again.

Over the years, I have been at a couple of House Parties, where people have suggested conducting a Seance, with a Ouija Board or silmilar, and I have either insisted that it doesn’t happen, or left and let them get on with it !!.
******  *******************  ********************  ********************  ********************  ********************  *****

Now I don’t know about you? But that has made me shiver!

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