Finding family on Face Book

One post on May 15th, found me a 3rd cousin & 3rd cousin once removed. (I will leave you to work that one out)

It really is a small world, or so they say.
But Wednesbury is so small that I reckon if we searched, at least 75% of us are related in someway.I had already found two Cousins on THOW Face book page, since it started. (albeit probably a 100 times removed lol).
They are: Ken Chambers & Ursula Amoroso. And then ….Thanks to David Spooner Cottrell, asking me a question about the Spooner’s in my family tree. I went into detail (As I’m inclined to) giving exact names & dates.
This then prompted “Wednesbury Garden Services” to announce that my Great Grandfather was her Great Great Grandmothers brother!
And even had a picture for me of my Great Great Aunt Mary, I was amazed to say the least.

And then another reveal was that she was also related to David, (The person who posed the question in the first place) thus making David related to me! ………… Did I loose you?

So, as I also know that there are a few more people here with Surnames the same as in my family tree. I think we should find out don’t you?

The names in my Tree are above, but not many people take note of the picture, so here is a run down.
(Oh and you do the same… if you know them)

Gannon (ooops sorry Cuz Gannon, I found you as well!)
Maddox (Madocks …I have both spellings in my tree)

Probable tons more so i will go and check.

We could be one big happy family!

The replies:

Carol Cutler Ne Rogers My maiden name was Rogers , my dad and my brother both named phil. My dad was from hereford he married mom who was saunders .

Karen Melia Hubble I am not even going there, knowing my family most of the above are related to us some how !!!!! Lol

The History Of Wednesbury Oh yes, the strong Melia line! lol

The History Of Wednesbury Right, I’m off to see where the Rogers in my family started!

The History Of Wednesbury The Rogers in my family were important ….. John Rogers 1814 came from Whitgreave, Staffordshire and he met a Wednesbury wench; Sarah born 1809

In 1841 Age: 27 he was living in Meeting Street, Wednesbury, with Sarah his Wife.They had a daughter; Eliza Rogers born 1835 Wednesbury who married Charles Reader. Born in 1835 in Studley, Warwickshire.And another foreigner was lured into Wednesbury (John & Sara also had William Rogers 1835 – Maria Rogers 1840 – Marriat Rogers 1841)

Eliza & Charles had William Reader 1862 who Married Martha Ford 1865 from Blakemore Lane, Darlo

They had my grandad Leonard Reader 1902 Darlo who married my Nan millie Fletcher

They moved to Lime Road, Wednesbury where they had Rita & had my Dad Rick Reader… taaaddaaa!

Clayton Rogers Read that with interest lol

The History Of Wednesbury Oh by the way Catherine, Martha Ford 1865 who married William Reader? Her Mom was Sarah Maddox, but she was born in Montgomeryshire Wales. Her dad was William Maddox, born 1797 in Malpas, Cheshire… who married Anne Reece. Any connection?

Chris Silvester My dads sister married a Poxon so I have 2 Poxon cousins

Carol Cutler Ne Rogers My grandad was george rogers they lived in kington in hereford I have his birth certificate but dad never said if he had brothers or sisters. My dad had cousins still in hereford and one went to canada yrs ago

Wednesbury Garden Services Dave, Frederick Aaron Spooner (son of Mary Matilda’s brother Richard and Alice Gertrude) married Dorothy Reeley and had 4 children, would you be June’s Son?

The History Of Wednesbury okay, I’m off to look at the Poxon & Price in my fambo tree.

The History Of Wednesbury The Price family

  • Phillip Price born 1790 in Stottesdon, Staffordshire
    He married – Anne born 1789 (no more detail)
    They had a son; Henry Price born 1832 in Stottesdon, Staffordshire
    He married – Mary Ann Gilley born 1833 in Tipton
    They had a son Henry Albert Price born 1858 in Stottesdon, Staffordshire
    He married – Mary Ann Arnold born 1858 in Tipton. (He then moved to Tipton)
    They had a son John Henry Price born 1883 in Tipton
    He Married – Florence R Saxon born 1886 in Tipton
    They had a daughter Florence Winifred Price born 1906 in Tipton
    She Married – Henry Cedrick Fletcher born 1905 in Wednesbury
    Henry is the Brother of my Nan; Millie Fletcher
    The History Of Wednesbury The Poxon Family
    John Poxon born 1802 (just says staffs)
    He Married – Mary Ashford born 1809 in Bloxwich
    They had a son; Henry Poxon born 1833 in Walsall
    He married – Mary Dennis born 1837 in Bagworth
    They had a Son John Thomas Poxon born 1868 in brownhills
    He married – Susannah Victoria Wagg born 1868 in Armitige
    They had a daughter; Lilly Poxon born 1899 in Cannock
    She married Harold Fletcher born 1895 in Wednesbury (My Nan Millie Fletchers other brother)
    They had a son; John Malcom Fletcher (Historian) ……………..Thats all i have on Poxon but i found more names to add to my list: Wildman – Wild – Wagg – Toon – Hogg – Bonsor – Dennis – Gilley – Benton – Erwin – Buckley – Saxon
    The History Of Wednesbury Oh and add Parsons & Reeley!
    Catherine Maddox I didn’t get that far back on the Maddox side, but you never know!
    Dave Bourne Tia, I`ve been meaning to ask you about this for ages, as my Surname is in your Family Tree as well. (Bourne). Any ideas ??!!.
    The History Of Wednesbury I do! Let me go check first to get it right
  • Dave Bourne Brill, looking forward to this, we could be related !!.
    The History Of Wednesbury Okay … it’s pretty short I’m afraid: William bourne was born 1850 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, Married Matilda Hewitt born in 1868 in Droitwich
    Matilda hewitt was born 1851 in Tamworth, Staffs
    They had a Son Edward James Bourne Jan 1872 in Droitwich, Marriage to Edith A Banks 1895 in Tipton
    Edith A Banks was born 1867 in Yeovil, Somerset, England (they moved to Tipton)
    They had a son Harry Francis Bourne born 1906 in Tipton, married Irene Fletcher born 1908 in Wednesbury
    She was my Nan Millie Fletchers sister
    Dave Bourne Blimey, that didn`t take long !!. Looks like it`s a different family though, never mind.
    The History Of Wednesbury I was quick because I have my ancestry page open all ready for you lot!
    Catherine Maddox I had a teacher at primary school named Edith Annie Banks isn’t that strange? It wasn’t in the 1800’s though!
    The History Of Wednesbury Dont forget though Dave, they are a lot of siblings spreading out …. if you can think of a name, i will see if it is in the tree. For example Edward had Helena 1899, Edith May, Norean Evlyn, Hannah, Jessie Winifred, William Edward and then Harry who married Fletcher!
    The History Of Wednesbury Some seriously strange name on the Huges in my family (they pop in from marrying a Banks, who then married a Bourne)
    I think they are translation errors lol : Elita Alfred Huhes?? I think that should be Eliza (Elisa), because his bro was named Lazarus… very biblical?
    Then a girl named Aligete? Wonder what that should have been?
    The History Of Wednesbury And look at the person you have become because of all that hassle as a kid. I believe everything happens in life for a reason.
    Dave Bourne My Nan Ellen, (Bailey), had a Sister named Eliza, but pretty sure she lived all her life, and died in Stoke On Trent. My Grandad Albert Bourne had an unusual middle name, “Theophilus”, (also Biblical), which may be of some help !!. He died in 1967, in our back garden at 26 Franchise St, while putting a fence up with my dad. I can still remember it very well, even though I`d only be about 5 years old !!.
    My Nan also used to tell me that one of our Relations was at Rorke`s Drift, fighting the Zulus !!. Then of course when the film “Zulu” came out, one of the prominent Characters featured, was …………….. “Colour Sergeant Bourne” !!. Whether there is any truth in this, I have no idea !!.

    The History Of Wednesbury Where did my post go? I mentioned that the name Theophilus was common in Cyprus, it translates as “Love of God” or “Friend of God,”  Hey Dave, I just found a Thomas Theophilus Timmins in my family tree!
    I will update as more come in.

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