The Black Country Bible

The Black Country Bible.

I have just been reading some of this, and it’s quite good.
Has anybody got the full copy as I can only find “The Ten Commandments” And a couple of snippets.

I love the way it starts:
“In the beginning there was the Word. And the Word was Bostin”

The Ten Commandments

1. “Ar bin the Lord yah God, yow cor ave ova daft un’s befower me”

2. “Dow put stuff befower God”

3. “Yow cor tek the name o’ the Lord yah God in vain”

4. “Git yaself to Sunday meeting ay it”

5. “Honor ya dad un ya mom”

6. “Yow cor kill con ya”

7. “Yow woe av it off with sumone elses missus/bloke”

8. “No Pinchin”

9. “Dow mek out ya muckers dun it”

10. “Dow get jealous of ya mates stuff”

I think that is more Brummi than Black Country …. don’t you?
I’m sure we could come up with something better, add a bit of “Wednesbury” humour to it…. What yo rekon?


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