UFOs over Birmingham and the Black Country

UFOs over Birmingham and the Black Country
Oct 19 2008 By Jonathan Walker, Political Editor

A Wednesbury woman who had a close encounter outside her front door. and a mysterious orange object which trailed a plane to Birmingham Airport are among the incidents recorded in Ministry of Defense UFO files which have been opened to the public.
The reports were recorded by MoD officials and stored as part of a massive collection of unexplained incidents which is now being published under the Freedom of Information Act. Around 4,500 separate pages of material have been released, most of then reports by civilians which were impossible to verify or disprove.
An MoD report from 1988 records an account by a woman from Wednesbury, who had a close encounter with a UFO outside her house.

The object headed straight for her house “as though going to crash” before suddenly stopping and hanging 40 feet in the air. It was square, with a dome on top which had three windows – through which mysterious figures could be seen.
The report said: “There were three people in front, two sitting and one standing, all appeared to be wearing white suits.”
The eyewitness ran inside her house and the vehicle flew off.
Another report in the files records the sighting of a “very bright orange light” which hung above a civilian aircraft for approximately three minutes as it flew to Birmingham Airport. As the plane approached the runway, the light “veered off rapidly” and disappeared

The British UFO Research Association wrote to the Ministry asking about an incident in Rowley Regis, the Black Country, in 1979, when a woman reported “an egg-shaped object about eight feet long” which had flown down and landed in her garden. According to the association, “this object left prominent ground traces which were subsequently photographed and measured.”

(The truth is out there)

Read More http://www.birminghampost.net/news/west-midlands-news/2008/10/19/ufos-over-birmingham-and-the-black-country-65233-22069731/#ixzz2CZ1Isr00

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