A Victorian Extravaganza

I wanted to be back home in Wednesbury this bank holiday weekend, I wanted to be a part of what was a very historic event for the town:
The unveiling of the newly-updated plinths,  remembering Wednesbury ’s fallen war heroes at the War Memorial Gardens.
I wanted to see the Cadets, veterans and representatives from the armed services, to watch the official opening of the new book of remembrance, and to watch the RAF Dakota fly over our Town.

But sadly I couldn’t be there and on bank holiday Monday I had to work.

But lucky enough this time I was working in Llandudno near to where I now live, and because my job takes me out and about all day, I was also very lucky to be able to walk among Victorian ladies & Gentlemen in their elegant attire.

I passed the large Tent of “Mr Alexander’s Travelling show”, where Mr Alexander himself was the “barker”, enthusiastically drawing in the crowds with… “Come inside, Ladies & gentlemen, come inside & see ‘Madame Electra!’, the voluptuous lady of lightning who defies death in the electric chair! See the impossible become possible as Electra withstands 27,000 volts searing through her beautiful body”.

Harley the Clown was  up to his usual tricks around the town,  causing mischief amongst the crowd, to the delight of kids and parents alike.

There was a vintage Car rally, a vintage Motor Bike rally, Old steam buses  (Quite a few of them proudly bearing the West Midlands sign) there were old double-deckers picking up at temporary bus stop signs.

The fair was in full swing through the centre of town, the smell of hot dogs and candy floss mingled together making my stomach growl.

Near the end of the fair I stopped at a candy floss stall to buy a “extra large” bright pink & blue floss on a large stick and stood there enjoying my ‘FIX’ as I watched a very happy crowd of pensioners all singing ‘The old songs’ together accompanied by a Barber shop quartet.

I was about to go back to the Theatre when I saw a  frail old lady walk towards the stage, encouraged by her friends and a loud shout from her husband:  “Come on Ethel my love … give us a song” ……. I felt I needed to watch & listen to this.

There she stood, before all these people with her head lowered, looking so small & frail that my heart went out to her …. but then she raised her head and looked out  at the crowd with a lovely sweet smile and started to sing!

Oh that voice, It was so strong! And it sounded so like ‘Vera Lynn’ that my heart actually jumped & stopped!

And I swear it didn’t start again until she had finished her rendition of:
“There’ll be bluebirds over, the white cliffs of Dover,  Tomorrow .. Just you wait and see”….
I stayed there until she had slowly walked back to here seat, with the help of her beaming husband at her side,  and a very long and loud applause.

I turned & walk away with tears actually rolling down my face?
Never has a voice moved me like ‘Ethel’s’.


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