Wednesbury Golf Club

Everything you wanted to know about our old Wednesbury Golf club ….. and more! :-)Wednesbury Golf Club, Holden Road.
The nine hole course was founded in 1908.
The land was leased from the Patent Shaft and Axletree Company.
The Council purchased the land following WW2 for housing development and built the Golf links Estate. :PIn 1911 the secretary was Nelson H Peet, Stated to be “a 9 hole promising course” with a membership of 170. Entry Fee 21/-, subs £1/11/6. Visitors’ fees 1/- a day.

Ladies were not permitted to play after 12am at weekend or on Bank holidays.
Sunday play without caddies.

In 1913 the secretary was A W Scott, Holden Road, Wednesbury. Professional W Druitt.

Course records
1923 ..G A Tonks (am) 76 A E Edwards (pro) 72
1920s-30s .. E H Bramley (am) 70/71 F Sillars (pro) 69

In 1914 there was a membership of 170. Entry’ fees were £1/1/0 and subs £1/11/6. Visitors’ fees on introduction were 1/-day, 2/- without introduction.
Ladies were not allowed to play afternoon on Saturdays, Bank Holidays or Competition days.

In 1923 there was a membership of 150. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 4/- a week and 10/- a month, Sunday and Bank Holidays 2/- a day.
In the mid 1920s and early 1930s visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, and 15/- a month.

In the clubs last year in 1938 the 9 hole course had a SS and Par of 71 and a membership of 180. Visitors fees’ were 2/- a day, weekends 3/- a day and 15/- a month.

No.1.- The drive to the 1st hole should carry the broken ground , trees and gardens some 140yds to the fairway (a poor drive here makes the hole disastrous). A good second should get the player in the neighbourhood of the green, but the out-of-bounds at the left, the bunkers and rough on the right, require that the shot should be straight and true. If a bogey 4 be secured here the start may be considered very satisfactory. (Length, 328yds).

No.2.- At the second the drive has to carry bunkers and plenty of rough. A well-hit tee shot will leave the player a comfortable second on to the very tricky sloping green. A splendid hole. (Length 278yds, bogey 4).

No.3.- The 3rd hole is an excellent “one-shot” hole with out-of –bounds on the right and rough up to 30yds on the green. To the player a three here is very encouraging. (Length, 180yds).

No.4.- It is not the distance that makes this hole difficult, but from the tee the player has to carry a very sloping hill to see the green. A well-hit second should put the player near the green, but a lot of trouble awaits bad shots, -water on the right and big bunkers round the green. A very good bogey 4. (Length, 373yds).

No.5.- The most pleasing hole on the course. Tee shot is played from the top of a hill on to a green nearly surrounded by water, and bunkers round the green. The water commences right from the tee up to the green, ten feet deep. The green is well backed up at the back, to enable a good tee shot to stop on the green. (Bogey 3. Length, 136yds).

No.6.- The longest hole on the course. The drive from the tee must be well hit and straight to enable the second to be played so that the player may see the green for the third shot. Green slopes away from the fairway, plenty of rough, cross bunkers and water on the right of the fairway, makes this a really good golf hole.(Bogey 5. Length, 456yds).

No.7.- The next longest hole on the course to the 6th. This hole requires a straight drive down the fairway to carry the rough of about 150yds; with gardens on the right and a chain of bunkers on the left. A badly-hit second will be trapped by some very deep cross-bunkers running across the fairway. The third shot is a very comfortable approach to a well-bunkered green. (Bogey 5. Length, 422yds).

No.8.- From the tee a good drive will reach the fairway, the second shot has to be played slightly up-hill to the green; bunkers here to catch a bad, or short second. A most interesting hole for bogey 4. (Length, 305yds).

No.9.- The tee shot to this hole has to be well placed, as you cannot see the green from the tee. There is out-of-bounds on the left and gardens on the right. From a good drive the player may see the green near the Clubhouse down the hollow, which requires the second shot to be well hit, both for length and direction. (Bogey 4. Length, 273yds).
A new green is being laid out which will increase the length to about 300yds. This new green will require a really well-played second to reach it.

Anything else you would like to know? 🙂


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