A strange way to remember your past.

I have just realised there is a strange way of finding out what you did  years ago, and even what your interests were?
Have you ever thought of checking all your saved email?I was searching for an old email sent to me with pictures of Wednesbury, when (without me touching it) the email scrolled all the way down to my very first ever saved email back in 2002
Just a little curious, I opened it and ‘BANG’ I’m back in 2002.

Some of the email I have saved over the years has reminded me of so much.
And far better than any book of notes or a diary I may have kept!
Also, it seems at that time, I was worried about loosing pictures or documents off all my old computers (over the years) so I emailed everything to myself …. and saved them!

I have just spent an amazing hour or so looking at old pictures (long lost & forgotten) Things I used to have on my old Web sites (Wow I was good at animation then lol)
But the best ever part is: the pictures I have found of Wednesbury, taken over the years.

So, as strange as it seems …. have you checked your old saved Emails lately?

By the way, my very first ever saved email was a letter to a very well known battery firm, congratulating them on the fact that the batteries in a wall clock (given to me as a wedding present years before) had out-lasted my marriage!

(My Marriage had lasted 5 years, and the clock was still ticking with the original batteries) ….

Of course, me being the way i am, the letter was all in Rhyme ….. and I laughed my socks off when i read it again!

Then I remembered a parcel arriving 3 days later with a box full of their batteries, as a thank you for taking the time to tell them how pleased I was with the product. The first time ever they had received an email complementing instead of complaining.

Such a strange way to go back in ‘your’ time isn’t it? And what would this mean to our family after we are gone? …. I think it would mean a lot!

So save all that stuff on your email.


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