But how did we survive?

So, “How Did We Survive”?
Our first obstacle was being born to Mothers who may have smoked and/or drank while they carried us.
They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, tuna from a can, and didn’t get tested for diabetes.
Then after surviving that, we were placed in baby cribs that were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints.
There were no child proof lids on the medicine bottles.
No plastic ‘things’ around sharp objects like: doors, table corners or cabinets .
And where oh where was the plastic ‘things’ you put in the plug holes to stop us sticking our little wet fingers in?
And when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets!
(What were our parents thinking of? … no helmets for gods sake!)
As kids we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.
And how about those old ‘post office’ type vans that some of our parents drove, with the sliding front passenger door?
It was not illegal to have those wide open while driving along with a nice cool breeze around your ankles.We drank water from the garden hose pipe, we shared one bottle of pop between four or five mates, and not one of us died from this.We ate home made fairy cakes and licked the bowl of sloppy ingredients, often fighting off our siblings for the honour.

We always had white bread and real butter, we drank Tizer with sugar in it, but we were never overweight!

On weekends we would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we kept our eye on the street lights, because they were our alarm clock.
When those started to come on, we all went home.

Our parent couldn’t contact us then, but they knew we were okay!

And the home made go-cart!
Our Dad was a cool hand at making those, I think he supplied the whole street.
You just put your feet on the cross bar (where the front wheels were) and with a little help from holding the rope that connected to the cross bar….. We steered around everything …. and they were fast …. down hill! lol
The only problem was: We had no brakes!
But that was soon solved by using the ‘Pump technique’.
(Using your pumps to stop you … we didn’t have trainers then … only pumps lol)

We didn’t have Pay-stations, Nintendo’s, X-boxes, no video games at all really (If you discount the Atari tennis game)

We had one TV channel, then we had two .. and then … the biggy!
We got Channel 4 ….that came on for two hours a day.

We didn’t even have the old video tapes, so no films, no surround sound, no mobile phones, no computers, no Internet or Internet chat rooms ….. but we had our mates!

And if we wanted to get in touch? ….. Well, we simply went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, we got cut, we broke bones and lost teeth.
And it was a buzz!
We ate worms and mud out of the garden and it didn’t kill us.

We played stretch with a pen knife (or with real darts)

We pinched all our Moms old tights to either put a ball in one end and a loop around your ankle on the other end?
Or we tied loads together to do that mad skipping thing we did … Do you remember girls?

We rode bikes or walked to a friend’s house, although we never knocked the door … we just shouted them out!

The thought of one of our parents coming to bail us out if we broke the law was unheard of.
Because our parents actually sided with the law!

Our generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, the best problem solvers and the best inventors ever!

We had our freedom to either fail or succeed.
It was our choice!
And most of us chose well.

And we survived! ….. and that says it all.

Jayne Osbourn It sounds like my childhood!!!!! How wonderful was it though x

Gavin Williams We did but not all of our friends did.
The History Of Wednesbury That is true Gavin, but sadly that is just as true today, even with all those ‘precautions’ in place.
Sheila Harrison Sure Does and i agree.
Lindsey Salomon I remember this so well… the ‘mad skipping’ we called French skipping! We used to dig the garden with our hands then have a ‘piece’ (sandwich) without washing… tough as old boots we were… and, still are!!!
The History Of Wednesbury I remember the french skipping Lindsey, but this wasn’t really skipping? the tights were held around two ‘position’ people. With the tights around their ankles .. leaving you two lines of tights to play with …. hard to explain really? we would cross the tights, jump and then try to land with one foot in between the two rows (Or whatever the challenge was?) I know, I’m making no sense! But someone will know what I’m talking about! … I hope!
Sarah Bradley i remember it we used 2 call it England Ireland Scotland Wales lol x im gunna learn it my daughter she will love it xx
Sarah Bradley soz got 2 say the song, England Ireland Scotland Wales inside outside puppy dog tales pmsl x dow no if any1 remembers that but i used 2 always 2 play it with my cousins x
The History Of Wednesbury Yeahhhhh! I remember the song now too! And it wasn’t easy at first was it? Oh i’m so glad someone knows what I’m talking about.

The History Of Wednesbury we need to revive the game, and use up all them old tights like we used to!

The History Of Wednesbury AND ….. We used to start off with it round ankles then move onto knees for the more experienced skipper! All excited now lol.

Sarah Bradley ha ha ha remember the thinis only 1 leg lol x

Lindsey Salomon It is the same game, just known by different name evidently. However, I used to love it, grazed knees and all!

Lindsey Salomon Does anyone remember Tibkat? A small piece of wood bevelled at both ends, you would hit one end and when it flew up into the air, you would hit it with a stick, the one who hit it the furthest was the winner! Oh, and tin can stilts too…!

The History Of Wednesbury Just a little list of some of the games I remember the most: Hide and seek.

Rosey apples
What’s the time, Mr Wolf? (my fave)
The game of tights we were talking about?
Jump rope (french skipping)
Hula hooping
Piggy in the middle
Knucklebones (jack stones)
Marbles (Of course)
And Kiss chase …. That one involved running like hell if you dain’t fancy him or becoming ‘stuck’ if you did!

Karen Melia Hubble Yes Linda , I do we played it all the time in our Street . plus Tin Can Lurcky, and Bug a Warning!!! ha ha great, T H O W can we play these when we have our party in the Park Pleaseeeeee xxx p.s. any more news on that ??? xx

The History Of Wednesbury We will! …. and I was thinking 22nd June? how are you fixed for that date?

Karen Melia Hubble That will do for me, I will pencil it in me Diary , nothing organised yet. SO Party in the Park for me so it a full Day ?? x

Hstory Of Wednesbury Well, me and your fambo will probably be there at sun set …. the rest will probably hear our screaming as we play ‘Tick’ … Then it will be packed!
Sonia Bluck England island Scotland Wales that tight game was lol

Elaine Evans French skipping loved it! I think we said England Ireland Scotland Wales inside outside monkeys tails, we started on ankles then knees,hips,waist,then for the tall girls under arms lol we loved it didn’t we

Mavis Luckman Remember playing all these games and really enjoying them

Rebecca Madge kids today dont know they are born do they! lol making mud pies in the dirt … my kids would freak out at the dirt!

Estelle Mzz Simple pleasures !

Sandy Holloway good times

Sharon Highfield Hartill Postmans knock,steelies with marlies,hop scotch,slop dosh(mud pies)skipping in the street with a huge rope our mothers would turn at each end of the street,you would try your very best not to miss a jump when we all piled in together and when calling out your birthday month as that rope didn’t half hurt when it hit your legs.

The History Of Wednesbury Oh I wished we were all kids again sigh…

Vicky Ann Cattell Alexander Oh that brougth back lovely memories i wish it was like that for my grandchildren x

Ann Mobley all the above things …..never pestered other people……fire cans were fun but aways used on the clay banks in hobs road, sliding down the wet clay on any old piece of metal…….such fun

Hilda Ceney To True we had nothing to play with but what fun we had ….

Scott Griffiths And watching Jim’ll fix it with Jimmy Saville and its a Knock out with Stuart Hall,those were the days.oh hang on a minute

Barbara Wearing Well said ,nothing for me to say , But oh I wish……..

Rachel Betty Melia OMG yea I loved that game French skipping lol ahhh good times


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