A bit of gossip for you!

Ssshhhhhh, come here, I have some juicy gossip for you.
I know its a bit dated now …. but I bet not many of you have read about ‘THIS’ in your history books.
Okay, keep this to yourself. I don’t want it getting into the papers. 🙂

Sometime back now, Sally Smith told me about her Great. Great, Great, Great Uncle Who was no other than:
Alderman Isiah Oldbury JP (Mayor of Wednesbury in the 1900’s)

Well, Isiah decided to leave his wife and ‘grown’ children, and run off with a barmaid. I kid you not …. he did honest!
The Barmaid was actually the wife of the Talbot Hotel’s Landlord and they didn’t just run off, they eloped.

Apparently there was a lot of talk around Wednesbury at that time (1903) about his very frequent visits to the Hotel.
And as a landlord working close to the public, it wasn’t long before he heard the rumours about his wife.
But when confronted, she of course denied it, and it wasn’t until Feb 14 1905 he awoke to find his wife & all her money gone!
She had left her children sleeping but 6 weeks later the children disappeared.

He of course had his suspicions about the Mayor but as he was still in office, it allayed his fears somewhat.
Then in September 1905, the Mayor went on a business trip to South Africa and did not return.
Nor did he resign from the council, he had another year to serve.

But he never came back.

In 1907 a Wednesbury Man returned from New Zealand and told the Landlord that Mr Oldbury, his Wife and children were seen in New Zealand.
He made inquires, found where they lived, and filed a suit on September 7th 1907.

But lets not forget Alderman Oldbury ‘knew the law’ …. and the Landlords wife turned out to be a right slippery character if you ask me?

How do I know this?
Because it’s in the Newspaper that’s why!




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