Will we ever get there?

I don’t know why it happens, but every day (say) 10 people like THOW Face Book page, there will be 4 that ‘un-like’ it.

It has always made me smile because I know its not done to be horrible  🙂  It is done because a person may pop on thinking; “This sounds like an interesting place?” only to find it is not what they expected, and not their cup off tea.

Quite understandable, and I don’t earn money for ‘likes’. ……..I just ‘LIKE’ them ‘likes’!

But today has been different, today I didn’t want those likers to unlike our page .. please not today!

This morning we only needed two more likes to get to 2000 … and ….. someone went and ‘un-liked’ us?

YOU CAN’T DO THAT! …….. (Do you hear me?) ……. YOU CAN’T DO THAT ……. NOT TODAY!

But you did, and now we need three more likes! 

My belly is all upset …. I’m traumatised and very ill right now.

I Just want you to know what you have done to me .. you .. you .. ‘UNLIKER’! 

Look at me >>> just look at the state I’m in >> Do i look well to you? Well do I? >> Look! >>mask

Well, I hope you are happy now!

I jest of course!

We got there in the end today, so all was good! ….. But I did keep looking at that 2000, expecting it to drop back down to 1999. (It still may well do?)

It a funny old thing this Face book isn’t it?

We are not doing this to make money now, are we? we are doing this because it has become addictive, all consuming, takes over your life …. and i don’t know why?

But I do know one thing: It means a hell of a lot to me:  ‘My Page’.

Yes, it’s about people connecting with old friends and lost family. Seeing pictures of places they remember so well, yet never thought they would ever see again. 

Its all those thing … and more. 

But it’s true to say I’m afraid: Its also because people actually want to talk to me now! …… lol

And that ‘has’ to be a bonus! 🙂


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