And other Wednesbury folk Rhymes.

The south bound platform near mid-summers day
A mother waits with her two boys at play
Heat haze rises from trucks in a siding
Passengers impatient their time should be biding
Go stand by the box and wait for the bell
The arrival of the train it ought to foretell
Hear two clangs – “is that it mum”?
We shan’t know yet until it has come
Here at last a loco and four
Stand well clear then open the door
Gaze from the window as we move away
It’s the last we shall see of Wednesbury today.
Windmill windmill spinning round,
Upon a hill you can be found,
Standing great, standing tall
Most people don’t see you at all.
You stand so proud throughout the ages,
A might stalwart,
The best of all the local sages.
What have you seen?
Who has passed you?
Which people have you met,
passing through?
Windmill windmill spinning round,
I stare at you from the ground,
You stand so proud,
I feel so small,
I’m sure yours is the most interesting story of all.
Here i am on my market stall standing here taking nothing at all,
Trying hard to sell my wears but its cold and windy no one cares,
I have some lovely things to sell, jewellery, make up perfumes aswel,
handbags tiaras and Avon too, all these things to sell to you.
But the cold and the rain keeps people away and bills i still have to pay. so come on sunshine come out to play
And bring some customers along my way. X

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