The curse of the Purse.

As often happens, a mad thought popped into my head. Thinking about my Mom and her purse?
No one went near my Moms purse and I’m sure my Dad was even scared to walk near it sometimes.
(He used to eye it on the table and rush off) … it was like the curse of Moms purse.
I also remember her telling me to always put something by for a rainy day. …..“Put it somewhere no one else could find it and no one knew about.” She said.
“And always keep your purse private”.
I thought that this must have come from a life experience in her past? But I really don’t know, because I never asked. “Although now, I think it may just be a woman thing”
But I do have a rainy day fund, and I always have done!     (I don’t have a purse though)
Do you remember those old comedy programs like Alf Garnet?
The wife (I forgot her name)  always had her purse robbed by Alf, because he wanted a drink at the pub.
Was that based on real life you reckon? I think it may have been.
I could never imagine the husband peeking in his Wife’s purse now … could you?
**************** ***** *************

“Well there gus me pocket money I was placing on the hosses,
I’ve got to wait till next wik naa before I cut me losses.
I dow know why he does it though, it aye as if he’s broke?
It’s the mystery of a woman’s puss that aggravates the bloke.

He cor help himself he has to peek for a lousy bob or two
He’ll tek it without a single thought, just to buy a pint or two.

I’m thinking in the future, there as to be a change
where woman wear the pants and the bloke’s cook at the range.
Ooh just the thought of ‘im’ at the sink, it dow arf mek me loff
But I feel a change is coming girls, oh yeah yo con scoff.

There is a reason for our misery, its to make our young uns strong
For every generation will know that this is wrong.

Any road, I don’t know why, depressed all cus of him?
I’d have lost it all just the same, cus I never ever win.”


WARNING  .. Do not read the next bit if you have a nervous disposition.

Did you read this rhyme and think out loud; “You know that aint arf bad”
Did you click on the ‘like it’ though?  …Oh boy I wish you had!
I’m getting self conscious now cause No one likes my stuff,
I try real hard, I really do! but it seems it’s not enough.

Now look what you have done to me, I’m feeling all morose
I’m not about to scarp this blog but I’m getting very close
Have I made you feel guilty yet? are you thinking; “Oh what a shame”,
“this girl is sad, now I feel bad, because yes I am to blame”!

Hold up, I jest! Awwww dow look sad, I’m just taking the Mike
but all this could be avoided if you’d only hit that like!

Cheeky cow aye I?  🙂


One thought on “The curse of the Purse.

  1. I have to add the response off FB, because it only goes to prove ‘The Curse of the Purse’ theory!

    Karen Phipps Was Reader: …. You do have a purse …. And yep we wasn’t allowed near our moms purse! Lol xxx

    The History Of Wednesbury: … Yes actually Karen got me one for Christmas and do you know where it is? (shhhhhh) Stuffed behind (and in) my bed pillow …. with all my birthday money still in there!

    Chip Wilson:…. mums purse was a no-no, even to this day when my missus asks me to get her purse from upstairs or somewhere, if it’s in her bag, i’ll bring the lot down, never go in her bag, never have.

    The History Of Wednesbury: …. You see Chip! Our Moms taught us Women well, and they educated their sons on the mystery of the Woman’s purse.

    The History Of Wednesbury: …. I’ve just moved the purse in case he reads lol

    Hayley Handley; …. Yeh I couldn’t never guw in my moms puss lol her would cut my hand off and everywere she went it went with her and I do exactly the same I take it to bed and everything lol. Weird ay it how we do the same xx

    Terry Allen: …. I never went near the wife’s purse. Even if she owed me money and said “It’s in my purse, go and get it”, I’d still get the purse and give it to her to give me the money…

    Chip Wilson: …. my missus says “where’s ya wallet” (sigh)

    Chip Wilson: … whats hers is hers, whats mine is hers as well!

    Sarah Jane Shinton Jones: … As it should be chip

    John Chance: … i think it’s passes down from generation to generation cause i remember my nan telling my sister to never let the left hand know what the right is doing

    Estelle Mzz: … My mom would say ‘wheres me puss’ ?

    The History Of Wednesbury: .. OMG, made me laugh! it is really true though isn’t it? i must admit I even hate going through his trouser pockets before sticking them in the wash (but I have to, cause he never does!) so I shake them instead because what ends up on the floor is mine … it’s a rule in our house.

    Lin Brooks: … There’s never nothin in joes pockets he sees to that lol but it’s true what yrcsaying

    The History Of Wednesbury: … Joe is too tight lin, put ya foot down! x

    Catherine Maddox: … My ma in law always said where’s me puss and coot?

    Lin Brooks Tell me about it lol x

    Lin Brooks; … My nan used to have about 5 different purses she would take two shopping what was that reason

    The History Of Wednesbury: .. Didn’t you never ask her why?

    Lin Brooks: .. Well not when we went shopping I used to think it was something to fall back on and the others were just round the house hidden bit here bit there instead of keeping it all in same place

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