Hope Patent Tube Works.

James Mc Dougall Ltd, Hope Patent Tube Works., Mesty Croft

James McDougall founded the highly successful Hope Patent Tube Works in 1869 which became the first factory in the area to produce weldless tubes.
Sales of the tubes were extremely high thanks to their many and diverse uses including bicycle frames and bedsteads.
In 1913 McDougall purchased the “Imperial Tube Works” from Isaac Griffiths & Sons Limited.

Hope Patent Tube Works produced a wide range of products including:
“bedstead, blind, and fencing tubes, and ferrules; special light tubing; oval and flat tubing; cold-drawn weldless tubes for cycles; boiler tubes; electricity conduit tube; electrical fittings; sanitary flush pipes; strong tubes for hand rails etc.; gas, steam, and water tubes, and appropriate fittings”

During the whole of its existence they had enjoyed the full enjoyment of a wide patronage and high reputation.

McDougall died in 1888 & the company was run by Messrs.
James McDougall :Managing Director and Daniel Tonks: Director.


The company was eventually taken over by Helliwell’s Aircraft


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