F. H. Lloyd and Co

F. H. Lloyd and Co


c.1970. The road in the foreground is the M5 motorway. The works site is now occupied by ‘retail outlets’ and entertainment centres

Steel Founders and Manufacturers, of James Bridge Steel Foundry nr Wednesbury

1879 Company established after the closure of Darlaston Iron and Steel Co, Francis Lloyd bought a disused timber yard at James Bridge, and established a small foundry which eventually became

F. H. Lloyd’s James Bridge Steel Works.

1885 Partnership F. H. Lloyd and Co was dissolved
1888 Incorporated as a limited company.
1914 Steel founders. Speciality: steel castings. Employees 350.
1937 Another record year’s output for castings

For the War aid they ade turrets for tanks, bomb casings, and many other castings

1946 Plans for modernization of the Darlaston works as well as continued operation of the foundry at Burton which was being equipped for making castings for railway use
1952 Two subsidiary companies: Lloyds (Burton) Ltd (which supplied automotive and defence markets) and Parker Foundry (1929) Ltd at Derby
1963 Death of Cyril Lloyd, age 86, who had a long career with N. Hingley and Sons, was a descendant of the Lloyds banking family, and contributed his experience in later life to F. H. Lloyd and Co which was run by relatives
1965 Subsidiaries included E. C. and J. Keay, constructional engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co of Walsall[10]
1966 Acquired the group of companies owned by N. Hingley and Sons
c.1970 Brochure “Masters of Steel” described products and facilities, focusing on James Bridge Steel Works, but also including information on the Cardiff Foundry and Lloyds Steel Fabrications (Tipton). Also listed are the products of other FHL Group members, Parker Foundry (Derby), M. and W. Grazebrook (Dudley), John Bagnall and Sons, Wednesbury, Wright Hingley, Netherton, Lloyds (Burton) Ltd, and Brown, Lenox and Co (Pontypridd).
1970 F. H. Lloyd Holdings was created to hold Hingley’s and F. H. Lloyd’s.
1970 Acquired quarry plant machinery business from the Armstrong Whitworth subsidiary of Davy-Ashmore
Acquired the Old Park Engineering subsidiary of Tube Investments

For the entire F.H. Lloyd experience go here:

For the Lloyd family in Wednesbury:


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