Big Red Clock

Now, this began as a very vague memory only moments ago, it just popped into my head, so I began to write it down.
“I was even thinking as I wrote, that I would probably loose track and may even loose the memory altogether. It really was just a fleeting image of a big red clock in Wednesbury Town”
But as I started to write, the image got stronger, and I could then see & hear the people around me.
I even felt myself looking behind me to make sure i could still see my Mom at the veg counter, then I turned back to the big red clock.

When I was a little girl out shopping in Town with my Mom, I remember a big red weighing machine. Bright red it was.
I think it was at the end of Union Street, next to the open fronted vegetable shop?
It was massive!
It had this huge clock face with a big black hand that used to swing down really fast and went a long way round if a big Man or lady stood on the square metal plate.

“I can actually see it now, from the height of a 5 year old, staring up to the big clock face”
Up really high and to the right of the machine was the money slot, this was where you put the money in to weigh yourself.
I’m almost 90% sure it was a 2p.

While Mom was paying for the veg, I would stand watching huge people weighing themselves, one after the other. Some even taking of their shoes and passing their coat and bags over to waiting friends before standing on the weighing plate.
When Mom had finished the shop, she would wait for me to climb up onto the steel plate. Standing really still with my legs together, both arms soldier straight at my sides, I would nod to say I was ready. Then she would reach over and drop in the money.
I would stare intently as the big black hand slowly started to move and then stop
“before it had even got a quarter of the way round!”
Mom would read out the score for me and I would be thrilled if it was a bigger score than the week before.
”To me it wasn’t a ‘weight’, it was a score”  Smile

I wanted to be huge, I wanted the hand to slam round the clock face and shatter!
Mom told me that when I got older I wouldn’t want the hand to go round ‘too much’.
But I thought she was being silly and I couldn’t wait to be fat!

“Funny what pops into your head isn’t it?”

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