Up town 2

“Sorry I missed you this morning arr wench, but i had the shock of me life late last night.
Er next door cum running into the house (without knockin) and right up to me bedroom, nearly flung erself on me bed!  …But she was in a right sterrtt!

Her old mon had only gone n dropped ged right in front of er, the poor wench.
Anyroad-up, we had to goo and see Sidney Webb, well I cor let her goo on er own con I?
(even if she is a sour ferced cow)

S. Webb, Funeral Undertaker and Carriage Master, New Central Mews and Taxi Garage, Upper High Street, Wednesbury, and 41 King Street, Darlaston
Mr Sidney Webb is well known as an undertaker throughout much of South Staffordshire. The business, which is one of the best organised and most popular, was founded in the mid 1890s, and moved to Upper High Street around 1900. The premises is very extensive for our time, and has a showroom at the front, and a large mews and taxi garage at the rear.
Sidney Webb owns some first class horse-drawn hearses, a motor hearse, and a good number of new and excellently upholstered horse-drawn funeral carriages.  He carries out funerals in their entirety, in any part of the district, and has gained a reputation for moderate charges and carefully planned arrangements.
He runs his taxi garage on up-to-date lines, and owns a number of well appointed cars for hire, both during the day, and at night.

“Well, that’s all done n dusted, its great to now yome is gud honds when yome ged aye it?
Its a nice place ta sit anull, I ad sum posh coffee in a cup.
It was nice, dow get me wrong, loved it I did. But I couldn’t get me fingers through the hondle, med me loff to meself it did.
Er next door had a ferce like stone, I know , I know, er’s just lost the old man but …. er cudn’t stand the sight on him anyway?
So yeah, it was luvly in Webbs, I con see them still bein here long after I’m ged n gone. I wudnt be surprised if they was still trading in the space age of the 2000’s…. (chuckles to meself)

I aye got a lot of time left today but tomorrow I’m all yours!

We might even have time for half in The Turks Head?  …Now ‘that’ is a place full of History.

Anyroad, I gotta run to me Mams cus she had the babby for me …. No rest for the wicked so me Mam alwiz sez.
We dow arf have sum funny sayings rarrnd heya dow we?
So,  If I dow see yo in the wik, oil see yo in the winda!

Tarra a bit”


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