The Wednesbury flair

The Wednesbury flair

I’m a Wednesbury wench inside and arrt
And I dow really care
if yo think I spake all funny like
It’s called the Wednesbury flair

Yo con keep yo spangles and flashing shoes
and the fancy clothes yo wear
I’m a Wednesbury Wench on proud of it
I’ve got the Wednesbury flair

Dow get me wrong, we’re stunners here
Who dress up to the nines
But our past is still integrated
We are Women of the mines

So if yo find yo self all lost
on that busy junction nine
Just look around and yo will see
the Women are mighty fine.

We laugh until we loose the plot
an we drink more than our share
But do yo want a wench that will mek yo loff?
Then ….
Pick one with the Wednesbury flair.

WARNING  .. Do not read the next bit if you have a nervous disposition.

Did you read this rhyme and think out loud; “You know that aint arf bad”
Did you click on the ‘like it’ though?  …Oh boy I wish you had!
I’m getting self conscious now cause No one likes my stuff,
I try real hard, I really do! but it seems it’s not enough.

Now look what you have done to me, I’m feeling all morose
I’m not about to scarp this blog but I’m getting very close
Have I made you feel guilty yet? are you thinking; “Oh what a shame”,
“this girl is sad, now I feel bad, because yes I am to blame”!

Hold up, I jest! Awwww dow look sad, I’m just taking the Mike
but all this could be avoided if you’d only hit that like!

Cheeky cow aye I?  🙂


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