Samuel Platt Ltd

Samuel Platt Ltd.
Engineers and Machine Tool Manufacturers, King’s Hill Foundry.

This was one of the most representative engineering firms at Wednesbury,
whether regarded from the standpoint of age, the variety of manufacture
or the number of workpeople employed.
The full story of this great business embraces the whole of four reigns and portions of two others,
In splendidly-equipped premises Messrs. Platt produced first-class shafting and shaft fittings (with patent self-oiling bearings)
Tube-manufacturing machinery : pulleys and mill-gearing bolt and nut-making.
Machinery: straightening machines for bars and tubes (both hot and cold)
Stamps and stripping presses, patent power hammers
A ready sale being obtained for all these in home and foreign markets.
During the war the firm, under Government control, and engaged solely on War Office and Admiralty Contracts,
The Works were extensive and well-organised, and the number of employees was about 2,000.


Much much more to come


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