About me

24th January 2013

What seemed like a long time ago now, (Yet in reality Was only 15 weeks and two days ago) I had this crazy idea to start a face book page all about “The History of Wednesbury”.

I believed that I knew so much about Wednesbury after researching my Family tree and finding out some amazing things about my town. So I posted on my profile page and just about drove people crazy.

It seemed only reasonable that I should start a page and ramble to myself about the things I had discovered, so on the 9th October 2012,     THOW was born.

And there I sat looking at the empty page and thought “What now”? And then i started to ramble on to myself.

Of course a few of my friends came on and “liked” my page to give me a little encouragement but I didn’t fully understand the power of Face Book?  It really is a funny kind of power … but power none-the-less!

My friends like it, then ‘Their’ friends notice that this friend of theirs liked something, so they think; “Mmmm I wonder why she/he liked this?” and so they take a look and they like it!  …Then a few of their friends notice the ‘like’ and they come to nose & then they like it …. (we are probably already into the hundreds by now) ……. and then it snow balls!

Of course if the page is boring, they will soon unlike, never to return. But I must have been doing something right because 20 ‘Likes’ turned into 60, and then the next day it becomes 120!  … Until almost 16 weeks later we are about to hit our second milestone of 2000 likes.

And now I have become addicted, scouring the internet for more history, no request is denied … Google is my friend.

But it is much more than just the ‘History’ of our town that keeps people coming, it’s the memories, the old friends we find on there, the family pictures and the good ole Wednesbury banter. (I even type in Black Country now!)

And here is the really funny thing: I didn’t know ‘ANYTHING’ about my Town at all! I really thought I did though. But I can assure you, I know a heck of a lot more now … but I’m still learning.


The real me?: Tina Reader, a Wednesbury Wench

Born 20th February 1960 in Portland House, lived in 57  Remembrance Road till I was about 3 yrs old, then we moved to our brand new council house:  56 Berckshire Crst, Woods Estate. (The Estate was far from finished when we moved) My Dad still lives there.

I went to Tameside Primary School, then Park Hill Junior and finally to Wood Green High school.

I have two boys, Ricky who is 31 & Blue who is 23 this year.

After my first marriage we moved into 68 Oxford St, Mesty Croft ad where I stayed for 26 years.

I finally took the plunge and left Wednesbury for good about 7 years ago  … (Even though I have lived part-time in Liverpool for 16 years …. I just couldn’t quite give up the Oxford St house)

I now live in Wales.

And that’s it …. for now!

(Don’t worry I will soon find something else to say about myself to bore you all!)

25/02/2014 ……A quick update: I have just turned 54 and I’m shocked to have reached that age! And my little page is still my baby, my addiction and pleasure. We are now looking towards 3400 likes …. its slowing down because there are only so many people from Wednesbury you can reach. (because the family moved away at sometime?)

But they are still coming and I want to say “Thank you” to the 3,377 that have stayed with us so far.


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