WordPress theme not updating in Windows live writer?

I’m only adding this to the site because I just spent the best part of 8 hours trying to work out why my theme was not showing up in preview mode.                                                                                          “This is for those of you that have made your ‘Home’ page a static page? more like a web site than a blog?” Or you don’t use preview?     Then this problem, will not be a problem!                                         And you can just ignore me. “…Sad smile ….                                                                                                                                                                                          

I’m sorry but I don’t have any pictures to guide you, but it is really easy …. Honest!

Å.  Go to your WordPress Dashboard … click on  Settings >> Reading.

β.  Note down what your front page setting says: Did you call it:  Home, Welcome, Hi There? Whatever it was you set .., Note it!  Then do the same for the post page setting: Did you call it: Post. Test, Nada?  …. whatever it was you set.., Note it!)

©.  Now disable your static page (by clicking on ‘latest posts’ will grey out your static) One more thing: if you have your blog on ‘private’? .. disable that too.

Ð. Pop onto your Live writer and now click on update theme, it will ask you if you want to post a temp post …. say yes!

ξ.   Your theme will now upload! Easy peasy!

Last thing to do is now is back onto your blog dashboard: Settings >> Reader > and now re-enable your static page (You may need to type in the original settings …. and why I told you to note them down) …. the same for your privacy setting if you had to change those from private to public.

And guess what? I just saved you a wasted 8 hours! Smile …. Good aye I?

“But if I’m honest I really don’t know why I bothered (Just stubborn I guess) Because Windows live writer has got to be the most aggravating, dated, pathetic piece of software I have ever come across in my life!

You can preview what it will look like on your blog, then when you publish it …… It’s nothing like your saw in the preview.  And you want to change the size of font? It’s so long winded I just laugh.

(And how the hell do you change the line spacing? I mean … look at the gaps! Grrrrrrr)

Maybe I’m missing something, or maybe I have to read the entire user manual first?

But I won’t bother ….. Thank you!


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