William Levernthorp

Lord of Wednesbury Manor: William de Levernthorp

I will get down to the rest of the history of not only the Leavernthorp’s but every Lord of the Manor. But first i have have a little rant:

I have my very strong personal opinions on John de Levernthorp. Maybe because I’m not motivated by greed, or maybe I’m just a loser?

But it seemed very underhand the way he schemed to unsure he stayed at the place he had come to love and “Wanted” to keep. Even at the expense of two young girls who had a life time of wealth ahead of them as was their due?

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong but it appears to me that it wasn’t enough security to see his son William married to Joan Heronville, (The heiress) but he had to ruin people lifes to ensure that this was a 100% safe bet!

John de Heronville III died in 1406 and was survived by his three daughters, Joan aged 4, Alice aged 2, and Margaret aged 12 months.

They were heirs to his estates at Wednesbury, Tynmore, and one fifth of Tipton. As they were under age a guardian would be appointed to look after them and also be custodian of the manor.

(Oooh I wander who that was aye?) The guardian had to be  a close friend who was not an eligible heir to the estate. cof co

And that is when his plan began …I hate him lol!

He always intended to keep the manor of Wednesbury in his hands .And marriage alone wasn’t enough obviousley!

If it was just the case of him forcing either his Son William or Joan into marriage, then I would have shrugged and thought: “This was life in those days and “I Dow blame ya mate”

But Joan had two younger sisters who could have laid claim to their share of the estate? …. risky!

So in 1418, he persuaded the two younger sisters to take the veil as nuns of the Order of Sempringham. As nuns their share of the estate would pass to Joan, so ensuring that William de Levernthorp became lord of the manor of Wednesbury.

He got what he wanted, and me dwelling on it will not change history –  because the manor then passed to William Levernthorp by marriage to Joan, heiress of Henry 1421.

But I’m so curious how he did manage to persuade these two young girls, and I bet it was much more than persuasion ….and what do you care, you came here for history and I will do just that.

But I will always have my opinion …..and it bugs, it really does!o Sad smile

I will carry on tomorrow.

Next: The next Lord of the Mayor was Sir Hennry Beaumont


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