Is there anybody there?

I have not spoken about this in “Years” … but I just thought about it.

So there we were (my mates & me) sitting in my old house in Oxford st when someone decided we should play on the Ouija board.
Now firstly, I don’t these things, not for any other reason that I know there is something ‘not right’ with these boards.
But, I’d had a drink and I agreed .. but only if it wasn’t in my house?

So we all gathered in my old trani van outside (that I had converted into a camper)
And we started off with the normal giggling, obvious pushing from a certain person and just having a laugh … when the pointer started to move all on its own.

I don’t know why I started to speak, but I felt something very weird was going on and I didn’t want my drunk mates to aggravate this person on the Ouija board.

(I’m going to omit names here cause it was a bit freaky)
So I asked the name and it was spelt out.
But this person also provided a phone number .. a Wednesbury phone number:
0121 556 ????

By this time we were all a bit freaked out to say the least and headed back into my house.
And I decided to ‘stupidly’ to ring the number and ask for the name of the person on the board.

The Woman on the other end of the line wanted to know who was asking?
I told her: “A good friend”

She replied: “Not that much of a good friend then because he died 6 years ago, then she put down the phone.


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