1861 Wednesbury Street index

Albert street
Back House Dale Street
Back House Dudley Street
Back House Portway Road
Bakewell Terrace
Beggars Row
Bilston Road
Blue Bell
Bridge Street
Bridge Street Reads Square
Bull Lane
Butcroft North Side
Camp Hill Lane
Camp Street
Chapel Street
Chapel Street Kings Hill
Church Hill
Church Street
Cobden Street
Cobden Street Clarkes Building
Cook Street
Cottage Springs
Court 1 Portway Road
Court 2 Portway Road
Court Dale Street
Court St James Street
Court Trouse Lane
Croft Cottage
Cross Street
Dale Street
Dale Street Kings Hill
Darlaston House
Darlaston Road
Delves Farm
Delves Green
Dudley Street
Dudley Street Back House
Dudley Street Cottage
Dudley Street Lea Brook
Earps Lane
Factory Lane
Fair View
Fletchers Court
Forge Lane
Foster Street
Franchise Street
Full Brook
Greart Weston Street
Hall End
High Bullen
High Buller
High Street
High Street Market Place
Hill Street
Hobbins Street
Hobbs Hole
Holyhead Road
Holyhead Road Lanes Building
Horton Square Camp Street
Hydes Lane
King Hill Long Row
King Street
King Street Wells Building
Kings Hill Darlaston Rd
Kites Croft
Ladburys Lane
Lea Brook
Lea Brook Road
Little Foster Street
Little Russell Street
Lloyd Street
Lodging House
Long Row
Loves Lane
Loxdale Street
Machine House
Mailhouse Place
Manway Field
Market Place
Marsdens Fold
Meeting Street
Mistey Croft
New Street
Newmans Building
Old Moseley
Old Park Road
Old Park Terrace
Opposite Carters Works
Park Street
Pinfold House
Pinfold Street
Pitt Square Lea Brook
Portway Lane
Portway Road
Portway Road Back House
Potters Lane
Queen Street
Raglan House
Ramsdale Builddings
Ridding Lane
Road to the Mount
Russell Street
Sparrows Forge
Spring Head
Spring House Tavern
St James Street
St James Street Court
Stonway Field
Terrace Street
The Camp Tavern
The Hollies
The Malt House
The Rookery
Three House House
Trouse Lane
Union Street
Vicarage Rd
Victoria Street
Walsall Street
Well Croft
Windmill Street
Wood Green
Wood Street
Workington Street


5 thoughts on “1861 Wednesbury Street index

    • If you are referring to the Bedlam house? I have only a little information as to where it was and that was near the high Bullen! But I will ask this question on THOW facebook page to confirm for you.

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