Wood Green High School Teachers

Posted on THOW on October 8, 2012


I have just found this amazing list of teachers from Wood Green High School, maybe some of you will remember them:
WARNING: It’s a long list.

Form 1A3 – Music Room
(Lloyd Block)
Form Teacher – Alan Bartlam
Head of year – Miss W.M. Dudley
Headmaster – Mr O.R.B Cosham
Art – Mr MacDonald
Maths – Mr G.L Blackham
French – Mr Evans
Geography – P. Browne
History – Mr G.W. Simcox
Domestic Sci – Mrs P.M Todd
Music – Mr A. Bartlam
P.E – Miss Twist(Dallas)
R.E. – Mr D. Glover
science – Mr D.C Handy

Form 2A3 – Geography Room
(Lloyd Block)
Form Teacher – Miss G. Sheldon
Art – Mr S.A. Williams
English – Mr Kelsey
French – Mr Edwards
Geography – Paul Stoddard
History – Mr R.W Pendry
Domestic sci – Miss Randall
Music – Mrs Hannah
P.E – Miss Dumpleton
Classical Studies – Miss Taylor
General Science – Mr D.C Handy

Form 3A3 – (Geography Room)
(Lloyd Block)
Form Teacher – Mrs G. Jones
Art – Mr Doyle
Art – Mr Chester
English – Miss Willis
French – A.B. Payne
Geography – Mrs G. Jones
History – Mr Simcox
Domestic Sci – Mrs Stephens
Maths – Mr P.W. Wright
Music – Mrs Hannah
Needlework – Miss Randell
P.E – Sandie Dallas
R.E – Mr D. Glover
General Science – Mr Handy

Form 4PH – English Room
(Pritchard Block)
Head of year – Mr Blackham
Form Teacher – Mr Kelsey
Art – Mr Chester
Art – Mr J.Macdonald
Biology – Mr Winston
Chemistry – Mr G.P Whylie
English – Miss Willis
History – Miss Rowbottom
Geography – P. Browne
Maths – J. Merritt
P.E. – Miss Dumpleton

Form 5DH – English Room
(Pritchard Block)
Form Teacher – Mr Kelsey
Art – Mr P. Chester
Biology – Mr J. Winston
Chemistry – Mr G.P whylie
English Language – Miss Willis
Geography – P. Browne
History – Mrs J.A. Kettle
Maths – Mr W.P. Wright
P.E – Sandie Dallas

Any names you remember?


2 thoughts on “Wood Green High School Teachers

  1. Interesting to see this list. I taught at Wood Green between 1971 and 1973 and remember some of those people. There are some missing I could add (apart from myself that is) which cover those two years Richard(Dick Moon)-English; Chris Smith – Art; Barry Weatherall – Art; Ron Court – Special Needs; Linda Lark-Geography;

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