Wood Green High School College of Sport and how it all began.

Posted on THOW FB on October 4, 2012

Wood Green High School College of Sport.
How it all began:

Wednesbury Boys’ High School 1924
1924 School opened in Wood Green House, formerly the residence of Albert Pritchard
1926 Wood Green House extended.
1932 More extensions.
1961 Original house demolished, and new labs block opened

1968 WBHS joined with Wood Green Secondary Modern School, to become Wood Green Bilateral School.
Mr Edgar Witcombe remained Headmaster, while the Head of Wood Green became head of Wodensborough.
At the same time the girls of Wednesbury Girls’ High School joined the Sixth Form.
Sept 1969 Wood Green High School formed.


I never realised that when I started Wood green in 1971, that it was so recently called Wood Green high school? I was also trying to remember our Head masters name? And there he is: Mr Witcombe.
I never knew his name was Edgar though, I suppose that’s a good thing really as it would have been just one more thing I could have played him up about.
Mr Witcombe was a very stern man and I would say 95% of the kids in the school were scared of him, suffice to say I was one of the 5% that wasn’t.
We had a very love/hate relationship, he loved to hate me and I gladly returned the favour.
But I often saw a wry smile as he was ordering me off to the deputy head mistress for the slipper.

Oh what a joke the slipper was, it used to tickle my hand so bad I would be scratching at it for the rest of the day.

Most of my friends made plans to meet at the morning break time, but I never really made plans.
Because by then on most days I would already be sitting outside Mr Wycombe’s office.
I don’t think I was really BAD!  ………. Just mischievous.

Later when my eldest Son Ricky started at Wood Green High, he never told any teachers my name.
He confessed to me that he didn’t want ‘my reputation’ at the school to give a first false impression on himself (very clever boy)

It was much later (once Ricky was ‘known’ as being a good student) that he mentioned the name Tina Reader.
I know they were shocked that such a little trouble maker as myself had birthed such a well behaved clever boy.

More about Education in Wednesbury coming soon.
And loads of great pictures of the old Wednesbury boys high school, the extensions made and the evolution of: Wood Green High School College of Sport.


October 4, 2012

Mr C S Kipping (see picture) came to the heart of the Black Country from a well-spoken middle-class background.
During the war years staff were thin on the ground due to war service.
Wednesbury Boys High School was short of a German master, presumably off fighting for us.
In an effort to fulfill the school’s obligation to provide German tuition, Kipping decided to teach himself the German language.

Being a “chemist”, he bought an appropriate German magazine and obviously was able to recognise the proper nouns common to both languages, and worked out the bits in between with the use of a dictionary.
He then let himself loose on his pupils teaching them “on the hoof”.

Some time later he was stopped in the middle of Wednesbury by the mother of one of his German pupils.

“Mr Kipping, you are teaching my son German.
My husband and I lived in Germany for a few years before the war, and I have to say, they do not speak German in Germany like you do.”

“Madam”, came Kipping’s reply, “they do not speak English in Wednesbury like I do either!”


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