Posted on FB on October 22, 2012

maskOK, I have just realised I’m faceless & nameless on this page because to so many of you I’m just: The history of Wednesbury. 🙂
(I know some of my mates know who i am)

But after getting in touch with someone by message I realised I could be anyone. (scarey)

So, hello everybody, I’m Tina Reader, (or was) and no big drum roll because all of you young ones wont know me at all but those in their 50’s will (or better!)

I just don’t want to be faceless anymore!
And thank you so much for making this page so full of memories … it’s the best!


Bill Oakes Enjoying the pages, good effort!
I do seem to remember your name from all those years ago!

Tammy Partridge-Smith well hello Tina. I was wondering if you were a he or a she? Lol

Karen Phipps Was Reader I thought that! she’s my sister! Lol the brains x

Tina Lawley I remember u so well , your mom was so beautyful u + Karen r so like her , she use 2 come in2 supasnaps by the clock with u all and she was a proud nanny + was always having photos done much lov xxxx

The History Of Wednesbury I thought it was about time i came out! lol I just spoke to a lovely woman who thought I may be our Glenn, so i thought it was best to put a name to my page lol (sorry Glenn … but that scared me!)

Karen Phipps Was Reader Aww thanks she was a lovely person inside and out. I remember going in there now. I had totally forgot that was there! Xxxxx

Tina Lawley Yes Avril was the manger + I worked with her 4 10 yrs , it was the shop every1 came in 4 a good old chat lol xxxx

Karen Phipps Was Reader When did it close? Xxx

The History Of Wednesbury Arrr Tina Lawley, you have just jolted some more lovely memories into this old mechanical heart of mine … bless ya!

Tammy Partridge-Smith I recognise that man in your profile picture, is that your dad?

Bill Oakes, I remember the name too?

Tina Lawley Jon harcourt was my faverite shop keeper he was such a lovly man ( suit shop opp the clock) xxx

Bronte Shakespeare We knew it was you lmao xxxxxx

Catherine Maddox sorry Tina, didn’t mean to scare you! lol x glad you have now come forward to take the recognition for such a wonderful page! love to all your family, well done!

The History Of Wednesbury Awww Thank you Catherine, I was already thinking to myself that I could be anyone .. I’m faceless lol Speaking to you made me realise I should say who I am just in case anyone knows me! So ,,,,Fankooooo xx

Manda Hardingham Well hello tina its lovely to read some of the things that get put on here I live in wolves now but I was born and bread in wednesbury and it bring back so many lovely memorys ill always be a wednesbury lass xx

Catherine Maddox thats great Tina, you should take the thanks for all your hard work!

Tina Lawley Supasnaps closed a few yrs ago I left 2004 2 hav my baby xxx

Hayley Forrester Was McNally And thank you Tina was Reader for creating this page!! I no longer live in Wednesbury but have fantastic childhood memories of growing up there!! I visit my Mom and Dad who still live there xx

Wensbreelad Wensbreelad Ar nowd oo ya woz Tia., the missis towd me (theeya’s a cloo!) Ar dow live theeya no mooa eetha, but ar sltill luv it. At least the memriz, any rowd. Bostin site! Goo on gairl!

The History Of Wednesbury lol … Strange but i read all that really easy lol

Bernardine Hall Keep it up Tina xxxxx

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