Wednesbury Housing

Post on THOW FB    October 25, 2012

I can always remember Mom talking about when we all moved to our brand new council house on the woods Estate.

Berkshire Crst wasn’t complete when we moved in and all around were uneven roads and gravel pavements, she said it was hard to push me in my pushchair with my brother Glenn walking beside her to get to the shops.

But she had never been so happy and she knew how very lucky they all were, a young family moving from a full house in Remembrance Rd, to a brand-new 3 bed roomed house.

I have always been able to picture the scene when she spoke about it but never had the chance to see it till I found the old picture titled ‘I can see my chimney from here’.

The Council made it clear that these houses could eventually be owned, so they dreamed and they longed, but they never ever really believed they could ever afford to buy a house on a lorry drivers wage. (Not until us kids were old enough for Mom to work too)

Then one Dad won the coupon!
And they managed to buy the house for £2000!


October 25, 2012

Talking about houses: (well, I was!) 🙂

A little history about Wednesbury housing:

By the late 1950s the council had built nearly 5,000 houses and had plans for over 1,000 more.
The council also lent money under the terms of the Small Dwellings Acquisition Acts to anyone wishing to build, or purchase houses in the borough
Since 1945 around 1,800 council houses and old people’s bungalows had been built.

The pre Second World War council housing estates were at:
Churchfields, Crankhall Lane, Dangerfield Lane, Fallings Heath, Manor Farm, Mesty Croft, Moxley, Myvod Road and Park Lane, and Wood Green.

The post war estates were at:
Crew Road, Dangerfield Lane (Lodge Holes), Dingley Road, Friar Park, the Golf Course, Mesty Croft, Millfields, and Park Lane and Old Park Road.

More on housing and the slum clearance soon.


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