Want to know something about Wednesbury?

Then all you have to do is ask the Wednesbury folk on THOW FB, …… I love the way this thread goes from one subject to another!

Posted on THOW on  October 9, 2012


Does anyone remember the old record shop in Wednesbury Town?
It was on the same side as peacocks a little further down.
Run by a lovely oldish lady who used to listen to Radio 1 every Saturday morning so she could listen to the charts.
That was the only way she could change her hit list that she kept in the window. (bless her, it took her ages)
It would be about the late 70’s early 80’s
What was the shop called?
What was the owners name?
I remember wagging it from school and sitting in there so Maria Woolley should remember this.

 (This one got a lot of response …… Oh and i did get my question answered too! Her name was Vera)

Marcia Badhams Haha Maria Woolley, always been naughty! X

Steve Hevican The only record shop i remember was in Upper high street opposite Teddy Gray’s….about 75/76.

The History Of Wednesbury No it wasn’t that one, I’m trying to think what shop might be there now … but cant!

The History Of Wednesbury Do you remember the shop where we all used to get our School uniforms from (forgot the name) well it was about 2 shops away from that.

Bill Oakes Discosound was the one in Upper High Street I seem to recall….

Judy Earp Wasnt the school uniform shop Desbies that was a few doors away from the record shop in upper high st

Tammy Partridge-Smith i used to get my cassette singles from preedies on union street in the 80’s / 90’s before Woolworth

Donna Joyce Ricky’s????

Lisa Smith Austin’s the sports shop was opposite

Darren Wardle i can remember disco sound that was in upper high street, it had an upstairs part whe they sold guitars but then when the toy shop closed in lower high street they re-located to there opposite the greek chip shop where my mom worked for a guy called vassus

Julie Harding was that Salonikas ?

Darren Wardle it became the salonika julie but not sure if it was always called that, i remember packies cafe upper high street and the flamingo and i can remember my nan and grandad taking me in the bell which is now weatherspoons

Jane Howells Salonikas their son was in my year,he thought he was the fonz lol

Julie Harding I worked there when it was Salonikas & there was a record shop just a couple of doors away if I remember right, Oh I remember Packies cafe :O)

Julie Harding Hahaha yes I remember him Jane with his hair lol

Debbie Turner Stamps Jane, was that Ibrahim??? lol

Jane Howells Yeh lol,do you remember when he used to have a fight every night after school,by the church?

Debbie Turner Stamps Yeah! lol. When he first came to our year all the girls fancied him.

Julie Harding No don’t remember that

Jane Howells Did they? he certainly fancied himself!:-)

Darren Wardle i member fonzie he was a couple of years older than me, always fighting remember right, does anyone remember daves hairdressers in lower high street, he was a singer also he looked a bit like joe cocker

Debbie Turner Stamps Did he see school out with the rest of us? I can’t remember ever seeing him again after we left. I remember that hairdressers down by Barclays bank where everybody came out looking the same!!! lol

Spr Warren Archer RE You mean Biff Bodean Daz lol – Dave used to have a Salon lol in Brunswick park road

Julie Harding actually I think my sister Sharon (Bunce) fancied him lol

Maria Woolley Dear little vera ,she was lovely x

Carol O’Connor Yeah Maria, I used to go in every Saturday morning .. how sad am I? Pmsl x

Darren Wardle Heres one guys, wednesbury con club, there used to be a disco next door, sat morn i think between the club and bambo garden chinese, i can remember trying to dance to december 63 so that must have been mid to late 70s

Julie Harding Montessa

Debbie Turner Stamps Julie, You’re right she did. Don’t tell her I told you though. lol xx

Maria Woolley Montessa the club was called , hi carol showing our ages now pmsl

Lisa Morris I remember ryno’s

Lisa Morris And Predy’s

Darren Wardle i remember your sharon, julie its your elder sister thats a little vague

Maria Woolley Tia !!!!! It was called vera’s ( tut tut lettin our secrets out lol x

Darren Wardle anyone remember when the fair used to come to brunswick park ? Mind you, i bet it still does lol

Julie Harding Yes it does Darren, it was here last month

Darren Wardle i did a gig at the turks head recently so i had a look around but things have changed. I can remember being able to drive up union street and doing gigs in the george and also the Croft on hyde road

Julie Harding Deb is my eldest sister Darren.

Darren Wardle think she was about 4 or 5 years older than me, do you remember robert and vicky stanley, they lived on your side of the road i think at 33

Julie Harding Deb’s gone 50, yes I remember them I still see there Mom & Dad in Wednesbury town lol

Julie Harding How old are you Darren ? As i am sure I used to babysit you or was it Trena ? lolololol

Caroline Smith There was the Montessa and does anyone remember the ski room on the main road to holloway bank?

Darren Wardle im 46 julie im i think 2 years younger than you and a year younger than sharon, you had used to come and watch us i think cos i could be a little swine and our trina is 5 years younger me, my mom used to go to netball or badminton she was always very sporty, she has slowed up a bit now though cos she is 70 next year

Julie Harding I’m 49 this year arghhhhhh!! yes I remember, I remember the massive fish tank you had

Darren Wardle The Fish Tank Was built in to the fire grate, cos my dad worked away from home, i remember my mom cleaned them out and accidently caught the thermometer and ended up boiling the fish to death, we had a poodle called shandy aswell at the time cos my dad used to breed them amongst other things. Our Trina is on here on my friends list but not sure if she would remember cos she was only about 5 or 6

Darren Wardle I dont remember the ski room caroline

Darren Wardle i remember going to wednesbury youth club by old park school, I can distinctly remember when i became a rocker, It was when Gary Garners Band (Wild Fire ) Later to become Scarab played there, i was about 12 and i think i went there with a kid called mark mcdermot and i also remember mark barber although he was a bit older. was anyone else at that gig ?

Julie Harding, I suppose it comes to us all lol, but the question is, would you do anything different up to this point ?

Julie Harding I think I may have been as went there a lot

Caroline Smith Mark barber was in my year at school, my ex husband played with scarab for a while as well, did gary garner have long blonde hair

Darren Wardle Hi Gaz, which one was the royal oak ?

Darren Wardle hi caroline, gary garner was the singer and i think rob morley was the guitariist but thats all i remember but it was 35 years ago so forgive me lol

Julie Harding Errrr Darren I cannot answer that lol ;O)

Mark Baker I remember the record shop that used to be in upper High street, Wednesbury about 3 shops down from Barrie’s cafe

Jane Howells Wasnt the ski rooms at the anchor?

Kev Smith Yes it was, and was the record shop called “geebee records” ?

Judy Earp Yeah ski room was at the Anchor on the holyhead rd just below the post office

Jane Howells Does anyone know what used to be where spring head car park is now?

Kym Jones a church jane we lived opposite in wharfedale st it was demolished about 1967

Matt Hayes Back 2 Basics after Point 9 records lol!

Jane Howells God kym i cant remember that,i remember the building that used to be on the corner,driving school and a hairdressers my moms friend used to own

Kym Jones barbs hairdressers upstairs lol

Jane Howells Yeh lol,moms still friends with her now

Kym Jones she not changed at all has she lol

The History Of Wednesbury yep the ski room was the anchor! geebee records ..mmm doesn’t ring a bell but i will Google it …. and lol at the rest of ya!

Jane Howells No kym,she doesnt change,shes lovely

Darren Wardle if your gonna google wednesbury, check out the cannons in brunswick park ?

Darren Wardle and foley street chip shop ?

Carol Gallagher Wat about the pictures Saturday mornings an the old man with the torch(josh) I think is name was

Dave O’Neill The record shop in Wednesbury was called Discosound if I remember correctly !

Kym Jones correct lol

Dean Spruce Ivr Your bang on mate two floors records on the ground floor,and musical instruments upstars .

Sarah Wheeler Lyptons & Hollingsworth the butcher in lower high street.

Sarah Wheeler Does anyone remember John knights dance studio above woolworths?

Sarah Wheeler I remember mark McDermott

Dean Millington Kingstons and Wolversons the butchers, Austins the sports shop, Percy Davisons the toy shop, stantons and brays the fish mongers, supasave the supermarket which then became the indoor Market, how sad am I lol

October 9, 2012 at 10:15pm via mobile · Like · 1

Sarah Wheeler What was the clothes shop called opposite the Turks head?

Dean Millington Maan Fashions and I think there was a gents tailors, called Burns ?

Tim Birks-Kindred John knights is now called wed escort dance centre he still owns it, I use to dance there wen I was younger

Sarah Wheeler Oh my goodness really Tim. I spent many Saturday mornings been put through my paces between 1978 -1982

Colin Hyde That was preedys I think with the records

Jo Hyde Flamingo cafe ??

October 10, 2012 at 3:05pm via mobile · Like

Colin Hyde Wat about flamingo cafe but missus try to beat me and old wednesbury baths opp lloyds tsb walsall rd

Colin Hyde Ace cycles

Colin Hyde Bobbies fish bar lower high street

Jo Hyde Not as good as brotherton cycles in old hill colin !!!!!

Colin Hyde Ottomill ryding lane opp bus stop also express and star back of jls arms on corner of market place ryding lane

Colin Hyde Old meb shop walk throu to car park and Brit gas shop sketchleys

Jo Hyde And radio rentals at top of town by kwik save !!

Colin Hyde Nat west

Colin Hyde Pdsa by outdoor market

Jo Hyde It was RSPCA !

Jo Hyde Little white hut by market

Colin Hyde Green dragon

Colin Hyde Bsm school of motering market place

Colin Hyde Whittles wines

Jo Hyde John rovers

Colin Hyde Wine rack trouse lane wrights pets

Jo Hyde John roovers next to nursery save upper high street

Colin Hyde Woolworths

Jo Hyde Wrights pets was a damn good pet shop. Lovely lady who owned it

Colin Hyde Queen Anne Holyhead rd

Jo Hyde Remember when Tandy had their sales ? The big white tents outside !!!!!

Colin Hyde White horse

Colin Hyde St James church lower high st

Jo Hyde Who remembers Austins sports shop in union street ? It’s now Iceland

Colin Hyde Bows butchers firkins union center videos

Colin Hyde Union center video put all your pocket money together send me mate roysten in cuz he looked old to hire electric blue vids who remembers them

Colin Hyde Rising sun pub

Paul Timo Timmins Discosound was opposite flamingo cafe more or less . . in upper high st . . . a few doors from Packies cafe

Paul Timo Timmins anyone remember forresters arms mesty croft . . . . think it was a Banks’s or Hansons pub just past the school going up towards hydes road?

Paul Timo Timmins Cant remember if that big chimney is still opposite the brunswick on crankhall lane . . . there was a door at the bottom of it and we used to go in and climb the ladder (which was’nt very sturdy . . although fixed to the wall) and step onto a wooden platform about half way up !

Paul Timo Timmins The Castle pub . . .on the corner at the bottom of windmill street/woodgreen rd

Paul Timo Timmins The Rialto . . .in the middle of the grassed area by St Barts church high bullen . . . and st marys school to the right of The woden pub

Jane Chrimes Discasound…record shop I remember well…….anyone remember tikki boutique and pakkies cafe….?

The History Of Wednesbury It’s like having memory jogs reading all these posts……. reading and remembering …. brilliant!

Paul Timo Timmins THE PARK cafe . . .between foley st and knowles st on woodgreen rd

Paul Timo Timmins Me and my mate used to go in packies cafe on a saturday morning . . .then wait for the pubs to open . . . .i also remember a couple of my mates and myself used to help the binmen when we were about 14 and they used to take us to the flamingo cafe . . more or less opposite packies cafe in upper high st . .on the corner

Paul Timo Timmins Thunderage drinkinge Mazeppa pub . . .left off crankhall lanejust past brunswick before you get to the bridge . . .and as the road bends right to go up towards the village The Mazeppa was that first building on the left . . .me and a mate were in there when we were 17 . .i was a month older than him . . .he saw a cop go by the window and ran out the back door . .as the cop came in the front door he saw him run out and chased him all over the field . . . .i snook out the front . . .but . .when i got home he had shown them where i lived . . .they were gonna do me for aiding and abetting underage drinking . . .!!

Paul Timo Timmins oops . . . .ignore the first 2 words in the above comment !!!!

Kevin Pymm packies cafe had to change it’s name years ago,,, for some reason!!!!

Dot Oakes I remember packies cafe ans tikku boutique !!

Mohammed Shafiq i do

Kevin Pymm fiqy, when did you ever go to wednesbury?

Kevin Pymm sorry shafiq, just realised you were talking about a high class eatery!!!!

Terry Pymm Remember it well. Ah, The good old days!!

Anita Pitcock I remember a shop called ‘Discosound’ up past that pub on the corner from Peacocks..can’t remember the name of the pub now.. used to buy all my 45’s from there in the late 70’s early 80’s…you could listen to your selections first..i remember buying Blondie and Sex Pistols…

The History Of Wednesbury I think the pub was the George .. I used to work there!

Anita Pitcock Yeah..thats it..the george..

Anita Pitcock Liptons. more or less opposite the statue..right in the midddle of the town..which i was incidentally tied to on my hen night,,

Julie Haynes Was Goode The record shop owner was name Vera!!

Catherine Maddox do you remember the other record shop? opposite Pakkies by Desbes? It was Coopers run by Hedley Cooper, Hedley Cooper Jnr’s uncle.

The History Of Wednesbury Vera! wasn’t she a character Julie? I don’t remember anyone buying records from there but she sure liked us hanging around in there with her … bless her.

Catherine Maddox does anyone remember Josh from the Gaumont. he wore a uniform? or am I too old old! saturday morning cinema for sixpence listening to Max Bygraves ….when you get to the end of a lolipop!!

Dood Underhill Does anyone remember Granny Bells sweet shop in Hobs Road, we used to get our sweeta when they were rationed?I also remember when we went mad when rations books were not needed.also the old cook shop that was just a few doors from Woolies we used to have a penny dip, the juices from the pork joints on a thick piece of bread.

Told you!


3 thoughts on “Want to know something about Wednesbury?

  1. The record shop owned by the old lady was half way down Union St. It was in the fifties and early sixties. i used to get all my 45s from there and she used to get me the New musical express. That was the Music paper of the time, it had the top 40 chart in every week and all the “Rock n Roll” gosip. Sorry can’t remember the shops name.

  2. i remember the little record in union street it was simonds it also sold toys.not to be confussed with coopers in upper high street it moved over the road and changed its name to discosound there was a corn merchants by the name of joe lowe the owner as i recall only had one finger and thumb on tis right hand ,then a little further up was stantons proabley the last open front mable slab wet fish shop in the country then austins the sports shop across the road was p h davis the hardwere shop whtch sold the best bikes in wednesbury

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