Haunted Wednesbury.

iccle ghostSo way back on October 17th 2012, when THOW face Book page was only 8 days old I posted about Ghosts saying;

I used to live in Oxford St for 26 years & believe me…. it used to be haunted in the strangest way.
So, have you come across a ghost in Wednesbury?

Well there was quite a response I can tell you!

There was a lot about The ATS Garage, the Church on Spring Head, the lady on the top of the black church, Ethelfleda haunted the Black Church, Brunswick grave yard, the Horse & Jockey,  Pritchard block in Wood Green school, the Manor house,  the Library, the old cinema, The Anchor pub, the dance academy (next door) and Ye Olde Leathern Bottel.

Some people mentioned their houses in Ash Rd, Simcox Rd, Kilvert Rd, Oxford St and the list goes on.

But there were some proper stories in there too and these are the ones I want to C&P here.

Andy Parkins My mom grew up in Delville terrace , later belonged to my auntie, many strange things happened there , getting pushed down the stairs was a regular thing when on your own and no one around, my uncle got pushed into the wardrobe , I was told years ago it was a sailor who hung himself in one of the bedrooms.

Jackie Perry I lived in Wednesbury labour club, on Church Hill, for 8 years, one night after closing up for the night, a little girl with long blond hair ran across bar room, I shouted at her thinking it was my own daughter, then realised my daughter was staying at her Nan’s, I went to follow her but she just vanished, there were time you could hear thing being dragged across the floor and a woman crying, all very spooky, many many years ago it was owned by nuns, it’s now a children’s nursery..

I responded with: Andy, that sounds scary! Did you ever experience anything yourself there? Sorry but I would have been bricking it.

And he said: I heard a few bangs and one light kept turning on/off. I was only 13-14 years old at the time. I’d do it again. St Bart’s is a must I think.

Jackie Perry Also while living in the labour club, one Halloween evening I looked out of our flat bedroom window to see a man dressed in black, and several young women dressed in long white dresses, dancing around the grave stones in St Barts church yard, we phoned the police, when they arrived there were chicken heads placed around the grave stones, seemed to be some sort of occult goings on..

Dawn Craddock I lived in one of the Edwardian houses opposite the park. We used to hear children laughing in the night and running up and down the landing. My son refused to sleep in his bedroom. It was always freezing cold. I have also heard about the ghost of Ethelfleda. My mom once worked with someone who saw her about six one foggy morning. She disappeared though the wall.

Nikki Slater my dad used to say there was a grey lady that used to walk the cow fields, but after living there for many years I never saw anything, if she still walks now perhaps she could scare the noisy bleeders in decathlon who work the nightshift!

Emma Jones I lived in the terraced houses on Handley street and could hear babies crying upstairs. When I run up to check on my son he was fast asleep. Front door used to come open by its self.

Rasp Avfc 42 corporation street was definitely haunted !!!

Rob Goode My brother’s old house by Mesty Croft school; we’d all be sitting in the living room and hear children playing and running around upstairs, thing is we were the only ones in the house! I was there one day with my brother and a couple thing started going weird; clock stopped, then went backwards! In the kitchen the washing machine got dragged out when it wasn’t turned on!

James Gorton The Manor House is meant to be haunted. Been there for a meal a few times and never seen anything whilst there although it has got that aura about it. The one time we went though, the woman who owns it was telling us about her experiences, she said the women’s toilets are really haunted. She also said there was an urban legend that the big horse and knight in the restaurant have been seen or heard running round the car park in the middle of the night. We’d taken some photos of all our family outside and when we got them developed there were big orbs around us.
Also heard about Ethelfleda and that she could be spotted in the top window of the black church.

James Gorton My Nan lives in Oxford Street by Mesty Croft and she is convinced my Granddad does things every Christmas. She’ll go to bed and turn all the lights off, then when she gets up the Christmas tree lights will be on. Her partner was sat in the living room with a coaster on the arm of the chair around Christmas time and the coaster flew off the arm of the chair into the wall. She said my Granddad used to love Christmas time.

My mom and dad’s friends used to live on Manor House Road and they said their house was haunted. Their niece used to visit them and they’d say she’d be sat in the garden talking to thin air, then she’d go into the house and say ‘That old lady was talking to me, she said she used to live here years ago’. They said she always used to talk to ‘her’. The bloke said one night his wife and daughter were in bed and he’d stayed up for a bit. He said he got to the bottom of the stairs and looked up and saw a woman in long white clothes just walk off to the right. He went up to check on his wife and daughter but they were both fast asleep. On the day they were moving out that landing and the bedroom were absolutely freezing and there was a terrible smell like fish. Things kept going missing and being moved from box to box as well.

While I’m on a roll, when I was at Wood Green a few teachers told us it was haunted. One particular story a few told was that a pupil was meant to have hanged themselves from the stairs in Pritchard block years ago. A couple told us that when they had been working late they’d saw or heard someone on those stairs.

The History Of Wednesbury
My haunting in Oxford St, Mesty croft was a weird one.
We only heard it in the bathroom & all we heard was someone brushing their teeth, it would go on for ages!
Our dog would never enter the bathroom but would stand instead outside in the hall growling.
We had moved into the house when my husband’s granny had moved out and back to Scotland (x hubby now) So I was able to ask her about the house.
But she informed me that no one had ever died there and she has moved into the house as a new build.
When I explained the noise she said something like this: Oh that is probably Old Edward, he used to stay with us often and was very proud of his teeth, bright white and perfectly straight they were. And the only person we knew that didn’t have dentures (a big thing in those days she said)
Could it be that you don’t have to die in a place to haunt it, could it be that you haunt the place that you loved the best and felt comfortable in? (Food for thought there)
Anyway, a few years later we could afford to modernize the bathroom by removing the old cast iron bath (I would NEVER do that now!) and moving the old immersion heater up into the loft.
From that day on the teeth cleaning stopped, never to be heard again (although my eldest son spoke of an old gentleman visiting his bedroom at night)

Colin Hyde Wodensborough high school teaching technician foggy morning turned into school on motorbike knocked off killed haunts library one June morning we were doing modules in there with miss Briscoe sunny summer mid morning 11am ish outside people doing athletics that’s how hot it was library floor got carpet it went icy cold freezing and we all heard the sound of dinky’s in someone’s heels in boots the only person to do this was the technician before they had the carpet fitted in library everybody came out also the head in the wall of boys changing rooms north hall freaked one of my mates out so much his hair went white with fright off school for ages

Shell Butler @Colin Hyde I remember the story of the technician being killed on his motorbike outside Wodo. My dad was the caretaker there for 18 years and wasn’t the kind of man to be spooked easily but I remember one night him coming home shaking. He had been walking through the middle of the school underneath the library and had locked the doors inside, started to walk through the corridor up towards south block and there was the sound of footsteps behind him. And there were always people saying they had saw figures walking through the doors of the entrance to north block late at night. I love this page, the most interesting page on here!

Jackie Perry Claire burke, I often wondered if anyone in the (now) nursery ever experienced anything, because strange things happened almost weekly, while we lived there, The only thing I drank while working behind the bar was coffee, so I couldn’t blame anything on booze. The local pigeon club used the rooms upstairs and often said they felt as if they were being watched. It is so spooky .

So its sounds to me like Wednesbury is very haunted!


Jayde Mills When I was’13 I was coming past brunswick cemetary in a taxi late night, and looked out in the graveyard to see what looked like a monk with its hood up, glowing like yellow/ white, it walked into a headstone and disappeared, i’felt sick, also my mums house in johnson road is mega haunted, all throu child hood I heard voices and foot steps and pans in the kitchen flying cross the room, my husband stayed at my mums when we visited and had someone touch his feet and heard scratches on the wall, I have many stories!!!

Emma Dimps Harris My mom experienced the manor house ghost. She went to the loo as you do and washed her hands when she looked up in the mirror there was a woman in the cubicles staring at her then dissapeared she. Also happened to look outside and saw a figure flouting across the grasses area outside and dissapear into the houses opposite. When we used to go for meals she wouldnt go toilets on her own and niether would i after she told me that lol! Im sure whe i was little i went to fetch my mom with my dad after she had been to a meal with the girls and i saw what i believe to have been a little girl in a white bonnet and white goen type hiding around the corner of one of the houses thy stood on its own. Hmmm strange

Claire Hickman I’m Jackie Perry’s daughter and grew up in Wednesbury Labour Club. I was well aware of all the spooky goings on and the stories that were told by both my parents, grandparents and customers..even from a very young age. I have to say that i never felt scared about living there, in fact it was quite the opposite. There was always a sense that i was being ‘looked after’ as such. The only place in the whole building that i felt scared of was the kitchen in the upstairs of the old part of the building which had remained untouched for many years. I was only about 6 at the timd of going in but even then i had an overwhelming feeling that i was not welcome. I didnt ever go back in there!

Lynne Denton Irion We used to play in the Manor House when we were kids. Thankfully never saw anything out of the ordinary. However I’ve heard lots of people say they have seen weird things in there.

Susan Chance My husband ran the nelson pub on the portway road which was very haunted glasses would come of the shelves on their own we would lock up at night and set the alarm the next morning the front boor would be open and the alarm would be going of the door behind the bar that led to the living quarters hadn’t got a key so we couldn’t lock it i got up one morning went downstairs to start the cleaning and the door was locked my son had to take the lock apart so i could get through to the bar i would hear some one running up the stairs to the attic rooms X

Rita Harris My house in Dorsett rd, Friar Park has its moments, some witnessed by visitors, and once whilst having a drink with my partner and 2 others in the Manor House as i stood up to leave the very heavy bench seat i was sitting on moved backwards a little so i could get out easily instead of sidling out !

Obviously more to come then! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Haunted Wednesbury.

  1. I saw a hooded figure on church hill one night it was opposite the pub on the top of church fields rd I saw it as I drove my van I had it in my peripheral vision and as I approached it the thing vanished I think the pub is the roe hill tavern I felt privatised and amazed

    • David, i don’t know why my old reply is not showing here? So here is another reply;

      I have heard a couple of things about the Rose Hill Tavern, just noises etc but I never liked that place.
      when my mates sister took over there as landlady, we went more often but I still wasn’t keen and she never mentioned anything.

      Sadly my mates sister actually died while behind the bar. Nothing paranormal about her death, just very tragic…. she was so young 😦

  2. the house I lived in when I was 15 was haunted and the reason I still sleep with the light on all night at the age of 52. 37 Lincoln rd stone cross. it was like living in a horror movie. every night a horrible laughing noise coming from the main lounge I was too scared to go down to the loo at night and went to sleep with my fingers in my ears every night. you also heard the bolt going across the back door and the rattle of glass bottles. the neighbours said the preivous tenants also heard this. one man was ment to have dies putting his milk bottles out and another in the main lounge. I was happy to leave the house when I was 18. I would love to knock the door and ask the tenants who have lived there years if the ghost r still there. my daughter lived in Ruskin st up west Bromwich and often saw a dog running round her home and my sister saw it to. she has also seen a figure of a child. I worked at the manor house when I was younger at night in the kitchen after closing time and saw / heard unexplained things. x

    • OMG Sue, that sounds like a bad house to grow up in.
      If i were you I really would go and ask the people who live there now if they have had any experiences like yours!
      They may look at you all funny, and if they do then it was you can caused the commotion and not at all unusual considering your age.
      I’m certainly no expert in this field but i do know that some teens attract poltergeist.

      But if they are experiencing things, they may be relieved to see know although its scarey, you came to no harm.
      This might at least put their minds if nothing else?

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