Collier Poem.

“A great poem found while surfing the net! ..but … Author unknown.

If you know the author, or you ARE the author, please contact me because I would love to add the name”.

Come all ye Christian Colliers,

Who labour under ground;

Who know that Jesus died to save,

And who have mercy found.

From toil and danger you shall rise,

To that celestial plain,

There join the ransomed in the skies,

And never part again.

You are exposed to accidents,

Also to sudden death;

The coals may fall and crush you down,

The damp may choke your breath.

In health you may go forth to work,

And in an hour be slain;

But though you may be hurried hence,

Your soul it’s rest will gain.

A glorious change awaits you there;

And you will have a crown,

And for a seat upon the earth,

A seat upon the throne.

To harps of gold you’ll sing the praise,

Of him for sinners slain;

And death and parting done away,

And freed from toil and pain.

Then Colliers all with one accord,

To endless bliss press on;

Till Jesus from his lofty throne,

Proclaims aloud ” Well done “.


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