Welcome to the The History of Wednesbury.

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I wanted this place to be an extension of THOW-Face Book page, so if you found me from a link on ‘there’, then mostly you will find it pretty similar. (Regarding the posts)
But for all the people continually joining us there, you have missed a lot of posts.
And this is just one of the reasons why this place will be a bonus.

On THOW-FB, the posts disappear down the page so fast and I know most people won’t want to scroll all the way down to find old posts.
You want to read what is going on ‘today’, and I don’t blame you.

But for those people who are really interested in ‘the facts’ of our history or want to find certain information? Then this place is much more user friendly for you.

Everything is listed in it own category (If you want to search by categories)  Also, the main menu has drop-down lists, making things easier to find.

I know we will never get the great banter here, that we do over there. But please, don’t let that stop you trying?
Comment the same as you would on FB.

My intention was to simply put all the old posts & pictures up here, and I have achieved that with most of the posts, but there are hundreds of pictures yet to upload.
As with most things I do, I can’t help getting side tracked by adding much more than intended.
So I really hope you will find something interesting here.

And for all those that found me without the links on FB? …. Wow!  good to see you here too.

This Website/blog is in no way trying to replace the FB page, (How could it?)  I just want it to be an extension of the page, a back up if you like?
And somewhere for you to find history that you may have missed on THOW FB.
Bear with me, it will all be here soon, but if you can’t wait till then?

Pop over to see us at:


If there are any posts you like here, don’t be shy, tell me by responding or liking the posts.

16 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi,

    This site is looking good. Be careful doing ‘pages’ you can make mistakes with those very easily. Use the ‘more’ tag on posts and do try Windows live writer. It makes doing you posts easier, post then to draft or even schedule them. You can use any of my photos, if you need to. Good luck! 🙂

  2. The old lady who owned a record/ music shop in Union St.,….back around 1955 was named Mrs Simmonite.
    Her husband died very young and she brought up a son named Bernard, who later became a very good friend of mine. He sadly died about 10 yrs ago, and is buried at Penkridge churchyard. Back then they lived at the back of the park about 100yds before you turned right to go under the railway bridge to go to Friar Park.The shop was called Simmonites.

    • Wow! thank you for that, I never really knew her although i was in the shop all the time (If you know what I mean)
      So that information is brilliant … thank you

  3. While digging a campfire hole in a forest near South Boston, Virginia, U. S. A. I found a rusted piece of iron buried about a foot in the ground. When I removed the dirt and rust, I found that the object was an old hoe head. Further removal of rust revealed a name clearly stamped on the hole head: “Elwell Forge”. I traced the hoe head back to Edward Elwell’s Forge near Wednesbury, England. I surmise that the hoe head is 100 years old at least. Now it has a new handle and is once again functional. Edward Elwell lives on in Virginia, U. S. A.

  4. I have been researching an Owen family from Wednesbury for http://bcconnections.tribalpages.com/ I have been searching for Benjamin Owen and his wife Jane. After finding a death on FreeReg I found the entry a little odd. Then searching again came across the newspaper clippings of her murder here! Could I please ask where they came from and if I could site them on our tree?
    Jo 🙂

    • I will get back to you on exactly where i got this from but you can certainly use it on your tree!
      All i know right at this moment (without looking it back up) is that i was a member of newspaper research and as it has been so long ago now the name wont come to mind till i double check but i will be back with a better answer for you.

      Sorry to be so vague 😦

  5. Hi there,I am in process of researching family history and I am looking for info on Burkett(Burkitt)family from Wood Green and Vicarage areas in late 19th century.Anybody out there in Wednesbury who might have info on this family.I know it is a long shot but there might be some Burketts still living in area.Many Thanks.Charlie Thomas

    • I looked for Birketts and Birkitts. The former with an e don’t go back to the 19th century only the 1940’s. I think you are probably looking for the slightly more common Birkitt. They go back to the 1930s in Wednesbury and as the name is derived from the French they probably came to Wednesbury from the south. In the 19th century, there were Burkitts in West Bromwich. Caroline Burkitt was born in 1838 and Catherine and Sarah Burkitt in 1839. There was also Jane Burkitt in 1839 and then Josiah in 1840. In 1845 a William Birkitt is born in Walsall. Between 1810 and 1850 there are 19 Birkitts born in Staffordshire, most of them in West Bromwich but later in Wolverhampton and Walsall.

      You really need more information to find out anything but families came to the Black Country from farming communities in the19th century and the first Birkitts came to West Bromwich.

      I hope that helps.

      Mike (one of the other admins on the Facebook page and group.)

      • Hi Mike,Apologies for delay in answering,I have been indisposed.Many thanks for this info,very interesting but the family line I am following is Solomon Burkitt(Burkett)depending on which census you look at.He lived with his wife Mary in Vicarage in 1861.And his father William(born 1786)lived in Wood Green but he did come from Nottinghamshire and he was a Ag.Lab.as you mentioned.I am still digging but thanks again for the info.Regards Charlie Thomas. ps.I should have mentioned that Solomon is my maternal G/G/Grandfather.

  6. I used to know a Stuart Burkett that lived in Wednesbury (near Woden road) He was the same age as me (born 1960) But that’s the only one I knew.
    Hope you get some replies.
    And with your permission, I could post this on my ‘The History of Wednesbury’ FaceBook page for you?
    Unless of course you would like to Google the page yourself, there are over 7000 followers and you may have more luck

  7. I have found this site to be very interesting. Thank you for putting in the time to do something like this.
    I have been researching my grandfather John Henry Thompson’s family line. Three generations lived in Wednesbury from the 1790’s thru to the early 1900’s. I have been doing alot of research on Wednesbury and its history trying to get a better understanding of what Wednesbury was like when they lived there. I have also been in search of photos of Wednesbury during those times and photos of the streets they lived on. I was able to find some on the Sandwell Historical Archive site (some of the houses my ancestors lived in were removed in the slum removal project ). Luckily, pictures of these “Slums” were taken before the buildings were removed. From all that I could find out my ancestors came from the poorest side of Wednesbury. Life was definitely not easy in those years it seems.

    Thank you
    Audrie Arseneault
    from USA

    • We also have a Facebook page also called The history of wednesbury, with over 6000 followers. Maybe someone on there could help you progress even further? If you post any queries on there, the odds on someone that can help improve tremendously,

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